Now, don’t misread that; I didn’t read Wonder Woman, though I know for a fact that Diana Prince’s Comic Books are FANTASTIC. No, I read a book called Wonder Women. Written by Sam Maggs, and illustrated by Sophia Foster-Dimino, this book highlights women of history who went unnoticed, and whose discoveries wrongfully furthered the careers of men who didn’t deserve to be furthered.

Take Lise Meitner for example; having discovered the formula for nuclear fission during World War 2, her “Partner,” Otto Hahn, had stolen her work. However, that didn’t stop the engineers of The Manhattan Project to ask for her help on the damn Nuclear Bomb. However, Lise realized her error in discovering this, and refused to help create such a horror. – Taken and paraphrased directly from the book.


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This book focuses not just on women whose discoveries were squashed by the men nearest to them, but on women who basically altered the very course of our existence. Without these women in our lives and in our histories, we wouldn’t be able to do many of the things we do today. We wouldn’t have the right to do the things we do today. We still have a way to go, but dammit if we aren’t getting there – and there are many a woman who will end up in future books just like this one. Just like Sam Maggs says in the introduction to the book, “You’re Next.”