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After hearing the title of this episode, I was really hoping Team Scorpion would be forming a pop band, but the reality is far more grim. While en route to a tropical getaway for a case (and Happy & Toby’s honeymoon), the team’s plane malfunctions and sends them hurdling toward a deserted island. Luckily Walter is quick on his feet, and together he and Happy manage to get the plane down. The team is virtually unscathed, but the pilot is not so lucky.

The pilot is in bad shape, and they realize that with the amount of blood he’s losing and the severity of his wounds that he has only about 60 minutes of life left in him. Toby intends to operate on him, but the pilot is concerned about the ragtag team and questions their ability to save him. Obviously this guy has never heard of the great Toby Curtis, genius pyschiatrist who, yes, did go to medical school — at Harvard.

So Toby prepares to operate, and the others sterilize the tools. Sly, Walter, and Paige head into the jungle to look for food. During their excersion, Walter finds a flower for Paige and this begins an episode-long string of vocal affections from Walter that makes everyone else uncomfortable. He spends most of the episode confessing his love for Paige over and over, and eventually Paige has to tell him to cut it out and not force anything, but to let it happen naturally between them. I was actually kind of frustrated by this line because it’s been THREE YEARS. He’s literally been waiting to tell you he loves you for THREE YEARS, and it’s very possible that you both will die on this island, so I think he wants to take every moment he can get. Geez, Paige.

While they were away, Cabe & Ralph have a pretty heart to heart conversation about the reality of Walter’s new relationship with Paige. Ralph confesses that he thinks they need to get off the island as quickly as possible because Walter and his mother finally figured things out and it isn’t fair that they won’t actually have a life together. AWW!

After they return from the jungle (and after Sly very heroically climbs over a ravine with almost no hesitation for some lemons), they decide the next step is to build a huge fire and flag down a passing ship. They find a WWII bunker and an old radio, which Sly doubts will ever be able to work, but Walter is confident and he manages to get it working enough to locate a ship that will soon pass them. They light the remains of the plane on fire, but Walter doesn’t think that’s enough. Cabe finds a flare that still has gunpowder in it and can light. But soon comes another problem — Toby managed to operate (more or less) on the pilot, but he’s still losing a lot of blood and not doing well. He says they need to use the flare to cauterize the pilot’s wounds, or else he will die. The team is forced to decide between sending the flare off or saving the pilot.

Well, this is the noble Team Scorpion, and they decide to save the pilot. The episode ends as they sit on the beach eating coconuts as a ship passes in the distance.

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