Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network/Richard Cartwright

During last year’s upfronts, viewers were promised “The Catch’s” second season would embrace a rom-com/procedural feel. The showrunners and writers have kept that promise, giving the audience a twisty, dramatic and fun show each week.

With Rhys’s old flame Felicity back in town (and from the dead, apparently), we know the Kensington siblings are headed for a tet-a-tet. Before that happens, Margot and Felicity engage in some cough, bedroom athletics. Tessa is amused but also bemused thinking Margot is going through a “lesbian phase.” Somehow I don’t believe it’s a phase.

At AVI, we all get to meet Ethan’s fiancée, Gretchen. A younger version of Alice (with even more flaming hair, natch), Gretchen is bubbly, a designer and probable gentrifier (who doesn’t know it). While Alice tours her studio, Gretchen sadly loses the funding for her new clothing line. Ethan swoops in to save the day (to the tune of $2.5M) and Alice’s Spidey sense immediately tingles.

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network/Richard Cartwright

Ben and Rhys are involved in their next FBI case with Agent Diaz-bringing down the cartel Diaz’s husband went undercover in. The stakes are huge: getting Eddie Diaz back safely and keeping military-grade, automatic weapons off of the black market. Rhys is…not pleased to be on the case and lets Agent Diaz know she shouldn’t trust Eddie. That turns out to be prophetic advice when they discover Eddie IS cartel-he played them all. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Agent Diaz (and Rhys) do what must be done, locking up Eddie and shutting down the cartel’s leadership. Troy the Hard Drive helped out so well, Diaz offered him consulting position. Job well done.

Photo Source: The Catch, Courtesy of The ABC Network

Alice Vaughan is in security and research for a reason. Using her instincts and strategic analysis, she finds out Ethan’s fiancée Gretchen is not only a fraud for work product (knock off designs), she’s married and scamming Ethan with her husband. The end result: Ethan calls off the wedding and offers AVI a boatload of money to be his private securities firm. Ben isn’t… pleased with this and lets his jealousy flag fly when he tells Ethan to back off. In the words of late comedian Charlie Murphy, “He was a habitual line-stepper.”

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