Photo Source: BBC

*TARDIS SOUND* Oh yes it’s coming! Doctor Who is finally making it’s return for its tenth season. This being the first season with new companion Bill Potts, played by Pearl Mackie, who will be the first openly gay character on Doctor Who. Our Doctor, on the other hand, will be leaving us after this season. Peter Capadli recently gave an amazing interview to The New York Times about how he’s preparing for this final season.  It’s well worth the read. Master mind Steven Moffat is also making an exit this season! After being at the helm of Doctor Who for over a decade, he is passing the torch off to Chris Chibnall. It will be Chris’s job to find the newest Doctor! Although filming has ended for Peter Capaldi and season 10. There is no official word on when that search for the next doctor will begin but fans are already giving their opininons on who should be next.

But enough about whose leaving, let’s talk about this series. So far, all we do know is that these are the first 10 episode titles from Doctor Who Magazine:

The Pilot—Steven Moffat
Smile—Frank Cottrell-Boyce
Thin Ice—Sarah Dollard
Knock Knock—Mike Bartlett
Oxygen—Jamie Mathieson
Extremis—Steven Moffat
The Pyramid at the End of the World—Peter Harness
The Lie of the Land—Toby Whithouse
The Empress of Mars—Mark Gatiss
The Eaters of Light—Rona Munro

Little is actually know about this first episode of Doctor Who! Moffat named this episode “The Pilot” as a way for new fans to get engaged in the show and to reinvent The Doctor. While we may not have that much to give you, we do though have a wonderful trailer to show to hold you over till tonight! 🙂