Girls Season 6: Episodes 1-5

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6X1: All I Ever Wanted

The season starts out with Hannah getting her article, “Losing my Best Friend to My Ex-Boyfriend” published. She then gets a writing job for a magazine and is assigned a piece about a female surf camp in the Hamptons. Hannah meets waterski instructor Paul-Louis who she hooks up with. Paul-Louis is also from Michigan but has a much more relaxed, positive outlook on life. Hannah is intrigued by Paul-Louis and agrees to let him show her around the beach and makes an effort to enjoy it instead of just complaining about her imaginary allergy to sand.

Marnie and Ray are dating but in the beginning of the episode Marnie tells Ray that she wants some space and that he can’t stay at her place anymore. Although he technically lives with Adam, he hasn’t been there in a while now that Jessa lives there and they’ve literally pushed all of Ray’s belongings in a corner. Ray decides to stay with Shoshanna for the time being, despite Marnie’s opposition. Marnie shows up to Shoshanna’s apartment the morning after Ray spends the night and we (and Marnie) get to witness Shosh and Ray’s morning  routine. Shosh and Ray have amazing chemistry and it’s obvious that Marnie not only notices it but is bothered by it as she yawns while they are are having a conversation. Hopefully this is foreshadowing Ray and Shosh finally getting back together.

Marnie reconnects with Desi when they have to work on their music together. He tells her all things she wants to hear and she hooks-up with him, cheating on Ray. And thus Marnie begins her endless cycle of self sabotage.

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6×2: Hostage Situation

Marnie plans a weekend getaway to Montauk with Desi and asks Hannah to come along to help keep Ray from finding out about her affair. Hannah reluctantly goes along and on their first night Marnie discovers that Desi has been hiding the fact that he has an opioid addiction. Marnie confronts Desi and attempts to get rid of his stash which begins one of the most terrifying/hilarious scenes I have witnessed on the show. The girls kick Desi out of the house and like a scene in a horror movie Desi punches through a window yelling “Bitches and cunts! Bitches and cunts!”. It’s probably the hardest I’ve laughed watching the show other than when Shoshana accidentally smoked crack. Things settle down and the Hannah and Marnie carry Desi to the car and they drive back to New York.

Soshanna gets invited to a social networking event hosted my two of her former friends. Shoshanna invites Elijah and Jessa shows up, uninvited. We learn that Shoshanna stopped being friends with the hosts when Jessa came to town 6 years ago. Shoshanna has regrets about choosing Jessa over them and I’m sure she worries she made a mistake and wonders what her life would be like if she was still friends with them. The night ends with Jessa and Shosh getting in a huge fight.

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6×3: American Bitch

This episode is all about Hannah. It’s reminiscent of the the episode “One Man’s Trash” in season 2. In “American Bitch” Hannah visits the home of an author that she wrote an article about. He has been accused of sexual harassment and Hannah wrote the accounts of the women who accused him. He invites her to his home to understand why she would write the article without having any evidence that he is guilty. It’s clear she admires him as a writer and and he thinks Hannah is talented and smart. The situation gets weirder when he asks her to lay down next to him and he proceeds to pull his penis out and put it on her leg. Yes, really and yes it was upsetting. His teenage daughter shows up and he introduces her to Hannah and she sees the way he admires his daughter and is baffled by the fact that he is able to love and respect his daughter but be so disrespectful to other women. The fact that a majority of the episode takes place inside his apartment helps the viewers feel trapped along with Hannah. It feels very intimate and when he violates her we the audience feel violated as well. I feel like the writers must look at episodes like this as a character study for Hannah. It doesn’t really do anything for the overall plot of the season but gives us insight on Hannah’s world view and experiences.

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6×4: Painful Evacuation

Tracey Ullman shows up in the beginning of the episode playing author Ode Montgomery, who Hannah is interviewing. Ode confirms to Hannah that being a woman writer is even harder than people say it is and informs her that “childlessness is the natural state of the female author”.

Adam storms off the set of a movie he is in when he has creative differences with the director. Jessa convinces him that he should make is own film about what happened between them and Hannah.

Desi is getting help for his drug addiction and asks Manrie to comes to his therapy session and somehow makes Desi’s addiction all about her.

Hannah has a UTI so she goes to the emergency room. Guess who her doctor is? Yep! The handsome doctor from season 2 played by Patrick Wilson. He informs Hannah that she does have a UTI and also that she’s pregnant. Hannah’s shock turns to defensiveness when he recommends a doctor who could perform an abortion. Hannah is offended that he assumes she wants an abortion, especially since she hasn’t even had time to process the news.

Ray gets in a fight about his future with Hermie at the coffee shop. After talking to Shoshanna, Ray realizes that Hermie was just trying to help him and he goes to his house to apologize. When Ray arrives at Hermie’s house he find him seemingly asleep on the couch but soon realizes he’s dead.

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6×5: Gummies

Ray is reeling from Hermie’s death and Shoshanna provides him with sympathy and support. Marnie however feels uncomfortable when she joins Ray in Hermie’s house while Ray is going through some of Hermie’s old video tapes. Ray realizes that Marnie doesn’t want to be there and that she’s not really interested in spending time with him and he breaks-up with her.

Hannah’s mom comes to visit and Hannah tells her she’s pregnant. Although she seems to take the news well, her true feelings are revealed when she gets high after eating gummy worms with pot in them. She tells Hannah she feels alone and runs away from her, leaving Hannah and Elijiah racing around New York looking for her. When they finally find her she reveals that Hannah is pregnant and Elijiah doesn’t take it well. He gets upset and tells Hannah she’s going to be a terrible mother. Ouch.

Adam and Jessa begin filming their movie and get in an argument when Adam describes his relationship with Hannah as intense. Jessa insists that the film is about a toxic relationship and that he and she are the ones with the intense relationship. She also reveals that she hasn’t read the script. It will be interesting to see how the rest of their filmmaking experience pans out.

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