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S5E4 Old Loves

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Sometimes Girls feels like a hamster wheel of a show, but so much happened this week. We have jumped off the wheel and are running full speed ahead. Fran and Hannah are slowly unraveling, and I hate to agree with Hannah’s freak out’s, but she’s right. When Fran starts to “correctly” grade Hannah’s student’s paper, and refuses to stop when Hannah calls him out on his self-righteous micro-managing. This is adding to the “he’s crazier than he seems” pile, with the the tit pics (is that what you straight men call low resolution nude pictures from women?) from last week and now his prideful refusal to tell a student he ruined her paper. I’m still willing to take his actions as revenge for Hannah deleting the pictures of his ex’s, and only a dash of his actual personality. Tit for tat, I guess.

Marnie is back, and I’m not completely annoyed with her. I’ve come to find her predictable bland selfishness comforting. She gets mad that Desi isn’t doing what she thought he would do aka get a new apartment, but she comes to a moment of clarity and they make love after Desi has the funniest freak-out’s. This freak-out that displays Desi’s extreme insecurity which tempers Marnie’s own, and makes her seem like an anchor of a woman. These two come out of this episode as one of the four relationships that end in bad sex, but good love.

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Jessa and Adam. These two, these two. After Adam cutely stalks (Adam makes stalking cute, I said it!) Jessa at her women’s only AA meeting, Jessa continues to  hold off a relationship with him because of Hannah. While Jessa goes to study at her apartment, Marnie and Hannah make camp in Jessa’s living room and air out their boy problems. While talking about the Old Loves Tumblr (which is real and I’m so mad I just found out about it) we see their philosophy of why relationships don’t last.

Marnie: “I mean they all look super happy and then I guess something goes wrong.”
Hannah: “Maybe nothing went wrong. Maybe the relationship just lasted for the amount of time it was supposed to. Maybe all relationships have, like a finite life span, like Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson.”

Marnie has an epiphany and eventally makes good with Desi, but Hannah is still not ready to go back home to Fran and forces Jessa to get rice pudding. Jessa frustrated at Hannah’s usual quirks (ex:forcing her to go out then making her pay) and her own guilt about Adam, pushes Hannah past her limit. (Jessa: “I’m always mean to you.” Hannah: “But usually you’re nicer.”)  This pushes Jessa to her limit and into Adam’s gangly Neanderthal body. The two fuck and it was awkward, but it was damn cute. Compare this to the the first episode of the first season when we first see Hannah and Adam fuck. So will these two be happy? Is there a finite limit to their relationship? I hope not, if only because a Hannah meltdown is always good T.V. Also, I hope that Elijah and Dill never ever break up.

I’ve contained my excitement this long but fucking yes. EVERYONE. ELIJAH AND DILL. These two. I love them. I love that they had awkward, but front facing sex, I love that they are so fucking hot. I love iand I don’t have anything other than good things to say about them right now so here are some gifs.


GIF Source: TGON

So will the two new loves, and two old loves last? This episode is all about tempering our own expectations and trying to understand that bad sex can be good, and like Whoopi and Ted Danson, we may not last but damn was it cute.

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