Who is worse? Sasha or Rosita? Hmm that is something we must ponder. Photo Credit: The Walking Dead/AMC

This episode is very Hilltop centered, starting with Sasha training a bunch of Hilltop extras on the art of slashing, and later Maggie doing some knife throwing. Sasha is seen trying to figure out the Saviors compound and the best vantage point to take a shot. Jesus, who is very observant, is willing to help Sasha’s cause by giving her a more detailed layout of the Saviors home. Later, he catches Sasha looking through a ‘book’ looking for something to read even though he knows she was after bullets. He said she could have them but didn’t know she had a gun. She confesses that her and Rosita plan to go after Negan. She says the others have to stay and protect Maggie for what will happen after.

Daryl is a lost soul still, with really nowhere to go where he can fit in for feels like he can fit in. Daryl refuses to look or talk to Maggie. Maggie is cooking on a BBQ and sees Daryl sitting off in the distant on a table, she decides to go over towards him, sets a plate down near him, puts a hand on his shoulder and then walks back towards her room. She stops halfway and lets out a couple tears before grabbing her composure and continuing on. Daryl looks over at one point but you can tell he is wrecked inside.

In the picture above, Jesus and Maggie are really talking about how Maggie and Sasha being there makes Jesus feel apart of something real. He always felt alone around family, friends, and his boyfriends. Maggie is happy that he felt that way and is comfortable enough with sharing his past. He says that he used to be in foster housing and never felt complete until now.

The Saviors are coming to The Hilltop! It is a mad scramble for all sorts of people. Who are the Saviors after as it is to early for a tribute? Sasha and Rosita say it’s their time to escape and go attack Negan, Sasha made a secret escape compartment that they use to get outside the walls. Maggie, who the Saviors think is dead, and Daryl, who escaped Negan, run off to hide too, but they can’t get to the intended hiding spot so Enid has them hide in a storm cellar. Maggie, Enid and Daryl are under the assumption the Saviors are looking for him. They would be wrong.

Sasha and Rosita are like an episode of the odd couple. They don’t get along and they bicker about everything. Sasha wants to take a shot from a distance, while Rosita wants to go in with guns blazing to find Negan. They are having trouble finding a car to hot wire, while trying to get a car to work Rosita notices that Sasha is wearing a necklace that Rosita made for Abraham that causes more one sided friction. After an unknown amount of walking the duo comes to a fenced in area with a number of cars and walkers. They make a diversion of a lit burning car to free up time to hot wire a car, which Rosita does and it gets them to a look out point by the Saviors. Sasha with the scope is able to see Eugene bossing some people around and Sasha thinks he is working some angle. The two bond over their history, and Abraham, and how Rosita is upset she couldn’t tell Abraham that she was happy that he was happy because Sasha figured him out before she did.

Back at The Hilltop, Simon is there actually to get the doctor, because as we know the doctor at the Sanctuary has died who was Dr. Carson’s brother. Simon says he doesn’t need to worry about packing up any gear, because they have it and if they don’t they will go out and get it. They dropped off a crate of aspirin in trade. One of the Saviors was looking inside the cellar where Maggie and Daryl were hiding, Daryl was ready to pounce and kill the Savior, but Maggie pulls him back into their hiding spot. After the Savior leaves Maggie asked Daryl if he was going to kill him. Daryl said he was going to find them, but Maggie says he wasn’t and didn’t find them. Maggie asks Daryl to look at her please and Daryl hasn’t spoken to her since he arrived. Daryl says he is sorry and starts to cry. He tells Maggie it was his fault that Glenn died, and Maggie said it wasn’t. She tells him that he is one of the good things in this world, that is what Glenn thought. She wanted to kill him(Negan) she wants to string them all up and watch them die, but they have to win, and she asks Daryl to help her win while giving him a hug. I am not going to lie, I SHED TEARS, this was a very powerful scene. The people of the Hilltop seeing their only doctor leave and look stunned.

Back at the Sanctuary Negan finally makes an appearance when the doctor arrives, but Sasha isn’t able to get a clear shot on him. They turn on the Walkie that Jesus stole earlier. They hear Eugene passing out orders and calling himself chief engineer. Since Sasha can’t get a clear shot on Negan they decide they will go in. At night Rosita and Sasha go to break out Eugene and shoot one of the Saviors in the head, Eugene says he didn’t ask to be saved and won’t go and to leave him alone, typical coward Eugene, and he goes back inside. Sasha starts to cut open the fence and asks Rosita to be on a lookout, Sasha really gets inside the fence and locks it back up and locks Rosita out. She tells Rosita it is not her time and she needs to go. Rosita takes off running and after who knows how long stops to catch her breath. She looks up and sees a figure with a crossbow, as her eyes get big and the episode ends. I am sure it is Dwight, and I’m curious if he uses this opportunity to make a move against Negan which we feel is going to happen.