For the 19th episode of season 3, Team Scorpion headed deep into the Amazon rainforest to find an antidote to a dangerous virus. Such a task required them to befriend monkeys and stun spiders. The monkey was really cute but you could seriously never pay me enough money to go into the Amazon in search of stun spiders. I guess that’s why I’m not on Team Scorpion.

Anyway, this case gave Scorpion the chance to do what it does best — have fun! This episode was reminiscent of the simpler days of Scorpion when things were more lighthearted, like the episode where the Belarusian president was assassinated (1×18 in case you didn’t catch that one). There’s a few gags with Toby and the monkey, which are cute and hilarious, but they did beg the question — what happened to Ferret Bueller? Toby loved that little ferret!

Also exciting was Penn Jillette’s return as the ridiculous therapist, and it gave a nice Quintis scene. On the Waige end, things have been a little awkward since Paige broke up with Tim and left things uncertain between her and Walter. In this episode, Paige realizes that Walter has expressed empathy and the only way to feel empathy is if you’ve experienced something similar yourself. Her and Toby deduce that Paige’s rejection of him left him quite heartbroken, and this leads Paige to rethink her feelings for Walter. Ya, this Waige train is chugging along awfully slow, but at least it’s moving.

The case is solved with help from Cabe’s Amazon guidebook, which is a bit coincidental but hey, if there’s one thing Scorpion has been able to do consistently it’s embrace TV tropes, and in a weird way it’s part of the charm. Ah, network television.

The season is definitely winding down now, and while we know the fate of Toby & Happy with the final 3 episodes of the (frankly really long) third season being dedicated to the Quintis wedding (I never thought I’d live to see the day), I have no idea where Waige will end up. I’d say maybe a kiss at the wedding but Waige has actually already had a kiss (in real life, not just a dream), and it didn’t seem to go anywhere. Not going to lie, I’m kind of annoyed with how long Waige is taking to really get together. At this point, with them having known each other for over three years now and them both having confirmed their feelings for each other, I’m just not really sure what’s holding them back. Well, actually, I do know. It’s the writers who fear that once both Quintis and Waige are together there will be no more story to tell. I can’t say I blame them for this fear. Time to get creative, Team Scorpion.