Hey everyone look I’m Wendy! Peter Pan reference, no? OK I’ll just get back to saving everyone. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

Abby is cracking because of the fact that she can’t seem to crack the code in making night blood. She seems jittery and wants to go and take another sample from Luna to study but her associate says they have taken to much already and shouldn’t take anymore. Raven seems to be floating as shown above, watching the others, no care in the world, when in reality her mind was on another level as her body was having a seizure, Abby asks for her epee pen for Raven. Later Raven seems to be wired buzzing around the shop like crazy, she says that she seems to know the answers to things she didn’t study because the E.M.P. seemed to enhance her knowledge as she still has A.L.I.E.’s code in her brain. She thought up a simulation that would create the night blood, it would need to be done in a 0 gravity location which leaves them as space as the only option. She seemed to know that the lab had a spaceship. While doing a scan on Raven as she was buzzing around Abby found something in her brain, it appears it might have been a stroke, Raven knows that pushing herself will be dangerous but she doesn’t want to do nothing and stay alive just long enough to watch everyone else die. She would rather keep trying to find the solution for the night blood to try to save others. Abby also needs to go through a scan but says she will wait until she has a headache probably knowing she is also in trouble.

Octavia gets an assist to get back to Arcadia, it was who I think is Elliott who lost his family under directive from A.L.I.E. by his own hand. He is there to spy, Octavia is able to whisper to Clarke that war is coming. With the head start Arcadia is able to try to fortify defenses, make a plan and get into position. They start by littering a pathway with tons of boulders. Roan says that Arcadia must know they are coming and someone had to have warned them, Echo says no way Octavia could have survived the blade or the fall.


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Clarke makes an appearance in the rocks and says she needs ten minutes to talk to Roan. The archers are locked onto Clarke, but Clarke has her snipers with the guns and laser sights on Roan. Roan realizing he is already in the trap needs to go and talk to Clarke. Riley goes rogue and keeps locked on Roan when everyone else is locked on the Ice Nation soldiers. Monty sees that Riley has left his post so he goes down to warn the Ice Nation that one of his crew has went rogue and thinks he will go after Roan. Bellamy tells Echo that Riley will listen to him and he should go and help her track him down. Echo decides to do that but instead keeps Monty as the second prisoners.

Clarke and Roan talk it out, they come to a mutual agreement to share the safety of the arc to the term of 50 people for each nation. Bellamy and Echo reach Riley as he is waiting to take out Roan after leaving the meeting with Clarke. Bellamy is able to talk Riley out of it, saying he would have to live with the fact that a massacre would happen.
Back at Arcadia Elliott uses the diversion to go and start a fire above the engine room which will blow up the entire ship which was his plan. Octavia and Ila try to get to him and stop him in time but they are to late. He lights it on fire, but saves Octavia and Ila. Clarke, Bellamy, Roan and Echo see the explosion and realize it’s coming from Arcadia. They make it back in time to see that the Arc is utterly destroyed.

Back at the research facility we end the episode with Abby hallucinating that Clarke is there with all sorts of radiation sores on her face and Clarke tells Abby that they are running out of time.

The 100 is taking a week off and will be returning to the CW on Wednesday March 15th.