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The season (series?) finale of Timeless aired this week, and opened some interesting doors for the future (ha) seasons, should it be renewed. Let’s get into The Red Scare

Our opening scene is Flynn with a gun, doing a search, but it’s for monsters in his daughter’s closet. We get to finally see his wife and daughter, as well as the “true” Flynn: loving husband and dad. Then Flynn wakes up in the harsh reality of his goons leaving like rats off a sinking ship (it’s hard to find good thugs these days). I love how both Mason Industries and Flynn  just let these guys go away with the knowledge that TIME TRAVEL EXISTS. Flynn isn’t the only one to get home, though. The Time Team made it back, but Rufus is barely hanging on. They can’t go to a hospital because duh, so Lucy calls her long-forgotten fiance Noah to patch Rufus up. Their reunion doesn’t go well, as you can imagine, and they break up. Wyatt’s name manages to get tossed into the mix of the “It’s like my fiance was replaced with a pod person!” dialogue because of course it does. The longer I watch this show, the less I ship Lyatt. It was cute at first, but now it just feels too on the nose. Christopher and Jiya pop by the warehouse, quickly followed by Rittenhouse agents (because why would a cop use evasive maneuvers?) and long story short, everyone but Christopher hops back to 1954, regardless of the fact that the Lifeboat is not equipped for four people. Cue ominous music.

In 1954, Jiya stays with a barely mended Rufus, and Wyatt and Lucy go to find Joe McCarthy, since it’s the middle of the Red Scare and no one screams “Evil Cabal of Assholes” quite like Joe McCarthy. Flynn is already with Joe, though, blackmailing him for the address of the Rittenhouse summit and throwing Wyatt and Lucy under the Communism bus. Before our guys get to McCarthy, they’re arrested as spies. Flynn goes to talk to Lucy while she’s being held, and tells her his plan, saying basically, “Sorry if this whole thing with killing your grandpa and all his buddies means you don’t exist, but hey, what’re ya gonna do?” Hypothetically speaking, though, if Flynn ensures that Lucy never exists, wouldn’t that mean he didn’t have the means to get all the information he’s been using in his travels since she never would have been around to create and give him the journal? Wouldn’t every jump put it at risk? These are the murky time travel wormholes my brain goes into. But I digress. Lucy offers to help Flynn stop Rittenhouse without killing them and thus erasing her from existence, but when Flynn asks her plan, she shrugs and he LOLs.

Wyatt gets to chat with none other than McCarthy himself, snarky and sarcastic as ever. It takes him exactly 30 seconds to beat the shit outta everybody and save Lucy. Lucy then says, “Hey, well, Flynn is gonna kill everyone, let’s find my grandpa and see if we can get him to help us get to the ball! Er… Summit.”

While all of this is going down, Rufus and Jiya have some cute little moments babysitting the Lifeboat before her eyeball turns red and she seizes, passing out. Apparently breaking the Lifeboat rules has some fucked up consequences. Rufus confesses his love to her unconscious form, and that is all we get of them for a while (yes there are a few flashes to them, but it all is summarized in this paragraph. Yes, I think that’s utter bullshit and yes I think the episode suffers for their being relegated to the sidelines).

Back at Mason Industries, Mason pops in to check on the arrested Agent Christopher and tells her that he’s been playing the long game. He breaks her out and then shows her that he’s compiled enough information on Cahill to put him away forever. When Christopher is hesitant to trust him, and I can’t blame her, he says he flipped when Rittenhouse said they would kill Rufus once Jiya was trained. Mason reasons that he deserves whatever he gets, but Rufus deserves more. So I guess Mason is more than smarmy snarky pond scum, but just barely (JK, Mason, I love your mustache twirling self. You do you!).

Back to the Wyatt and Lucy show: They hotwire a car and follow Ethan to a gay bar. Back in 1954 homosexuality was a crime, so Ethan is understandably flustered and slow to trust the people who approach him here, talking about Rittenhouse. He agrees, to protect his wife and son, Ben (Hey, good news Lucy!! Even if he dies, you survive!). Ethan tells them all he has done to “fix” himself, despite Lucy and Wyatt reassuring him that there is nothing wrong with him, and my heart breaks a bit. Shock therapy didn’t work, and Rittenhouse would kill him if they knew. Hell his father beat him for an hour after finding him and his “friend” when he was a kid. That was when Ethan learned about Rittenhouse, and presumably why he ran away. Can’t really say I blame him.

They arrive at the summit and head to the basement, where Flynn is setting up the big boom. Wyatt prepares to finally take his shot, but Lucy runs to stand between his gun and Flynn. Lucy makes a speech about letting go of the past and moving on, since ya know, their grief is literally killing people, and convinces Flynn to try Another Way that way apparently involves Ethan. They take him to the Lifeboat’s hiding place and Rufus is freaking out about both Jiya and the fact that the fucker that ordered him killed is hanging out like he’s part of the gang. Lucy tells Wyatt and Rufus to get Jiya back, and she’ll hitch a ride with Flynn. There is a moment between her and Wyatt and “I can’t lose you!” “Trust me!” and they go, proving to Ethan that the time machine is real, and Lucy is his granddaughter. After showing him that it’s all true, Lucy asks him to stay in Rittenhouse and live a double life. Forever.

Then we’re back in the present, with Lucy and Wyatt visiting a much much older Ethan, who gives Lucy a piece of paper. I’m guessing it’s an address, since the next thing we see is Lucy, Wyatt, Mason, and Christopher in a room piled high with boxes full of 60 years’ worth of information on Rittenhouse. Christopher is restored to power as Neville and his team are arrested and all is (presumably) right in the world.

Except for Jiya, who is in the hospital, and after telling Rufus she loves him, too, seizes again and flashes in and out on a destroyed San Francisco.

Lucy meets Flynn, gives him the intel on the people who killed his family, and in turn he gives her her journal, saying she gave it to him in the future. It’s a sweet moment of understanding, when out of nowhere, agents surround and arrest him. Lucy screams apologies (she didn’t know) and he yells that she killed his family. Just another of the 150 arrests under Christopher’s belt, and she’s not sorry for arresting a terrorist.

Christopher tells Lucy that she’s authorized for one more Lifeboat trip to recover her sister, and Lucy and Wyatt have a moment. He says he should move on and focus on possibilities, and Meaningful Looks are exchanged before they’re interrupted by Mason, who tells them that they have three hours before the Lifeboat is recharged. Lucy says she’ll be back and goes home. Lucy goes and tells her mom EVERYTHING, minus the whole “evil cabal” part. She tells her about time travel, Amy, and the fact that, in this other timeline, Lucy’s mom was dying. Lucy’s mother hugs her, and says it will all be okay, Rittenhouse would never let that happen. Yep. Mama is in Rittenhouse, and Lucy is basically Rittenhouse royalty. Oh, and Emma is a Rittenhouse operative who now has control of the Mothership… annnnd scene.

This whole episode felt like a disjointed mess. That may just be because the stuff I really got interested in was glossed over, but it felt like they were trying to stuff ten pounds of shit into a five pound bag. They went to the Red Scare, and we got like, five minutes of it. I want more than that. I also really want to see what the fuck is up with the timeline Jiya is seeing.  Ya got me, Timeless, I want more Jiya. I’m not sure what happened with the chemistry between Lucy and Wyatt, but I’m just not feelin’ it anymore. Strangely, I’m digging Flynn and Lucy a bit more. What can I say? Goran gets me.

What do you think about Mama Rittenhouse? Was she always Rittenhouse? Or did she leave in the other timeline, and that’s why she was sick? What do you think Jiya’s visions were about?