Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – What We Thought!


Resident Evil has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. From the release of the first game in 1996 to the release of the first movie in 2001, there were literally only two years in my world where this house-hold name didn’t exist. Now, I’ve always loved he movies; I will ALWAYS love the movies, but you all know as well as I do that the franchise became extremely fantastical and, dare I say at some points, extremely corny. Honestly, it went from the classic humans versus zombie hordes to well…essentially what would happen if you dropped a zombie into a vat of radioactive waste. That being said, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is, without a doubt, the conclusion that this series deserved. I’m going to give you guys a brief (spoiler-free) synopsis, a few of my own personal thoughts, and my end score for the final film in the series that basically shaped my life.


Alice is back,and she’s had enough of Umbrella Corporation. We last saw her and the gang in Washington D.C., teaming up with Albert Wesker to finally finish things, but that bottle-blonde bastard betrayed the team. Only Alice and seem to have survived, and she gets contacted by none other than the Red Queen herself. The Queen has determined that Umbrella is the threat to humanity now, but she can’t do anything to stop them. She gives Alice the way, but in order to complete the mission, the heroine has to go back to where it began: Raccoon city. More specifically, Alice has to return to the Hive where the T-Virus was initially released, where she’ll team up with Claire Redfield yet again, along with a group of Resident Evil newcomers. Will she save the day before the end of humanity truly comes?

Like I said, it’s a pretty brief synopsis. Resident Evil is nothing if not consistent, and one thing that they consistently do is “forget” about certain characters. For example, we never really learn what happens to Chris Redfield after the Arcadia incident. That’s personally upsetting, because I adore Wentworth Miller and having him return would’ve been absolutely fantastic. Regardless, they do occasionally inform us about what’s become of the characters, even if it’s through the briefest of mentions. Speaking of characters, the film brings in big-screen hot shot Ruby Rose, and I have to say she did a wonderful job. Despite it’s overly used jump scares (that I fall for every time, dammit) and it’s sometimes cheesy moments, I really do love the series, and I absolutely loved The Final Chapter. I can only give it the rating I believe it deserves. As a conclusion to the series, this movie gets a solid 5 out of 5 glasses!


Let us know what you thought of the film and how you feel now that they’re over. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check out Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in theaters now, and always, Thanks for reading!

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