Source: Powerless // NBCU

Emily wants to be boss & friend, while the team just wants to procrastinate until the last second…also Van learns photoshop.

Last week on Powerless, Emily was riding high off the fumes of her JackAlert victory. But her happiness is short lived. Now that they know she can inspire the team, Batman Corporate wants her to finish a new product called the Rumbrella, which she volunteers to do by the end of the week, ignoring all rational concepts of time management.

The team is mad that she agreed to this crazy deadline but they promise her they’ll make it work. They spend more of the day playing with their Superhero Fantasy Draft though, which isn’t reassuring.

She doesn’t want to be the one to take away their fun, because she’s striving for that boss/friend balance, so she decides to take the matter to HR. I know this is a bad idea, you know this is a bad idea, the only person who doesn’t is Emily.

HR shuts off the entire Internet, and while trying to be a hero in front of the office Emily gets too cocky and reveals herself to be at the root of everyone’s problems.

To make things right, she volunteers to watch the 6 hour anti-bullying video 4 times. When the team learns of her selflessness, they finish the Rumbrella and most importantly they let her join their Fantasy League.

The B plot involves Van being cut out of some photo the Wayne execus took at some leadership conference. He takes pictures of himself in front of a green screen and puts himself in the poster, but he uses a lame pose and makes people bully him a little until Jackie fixes the problem, like she always does.