When you hear that A.L.I.E. and the city of light might still be an enemy. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

We start the episode 9 days earlier than the last episode ended, we are at a clan that we are not familiar with and we see someone whose named Ilian who is being manipulated by an old nemesis A.L.I.E. who is “directing” the murder of his family. A.L.I.E. appears to have a weak signal and is almost flickering in and out, she loses connection. Later Ilian is with members of his presumed clan at the capital and they are believing that is Skaikru(I sure had that spelled wrong for so long, this was in subtitles otherwise I’d still be oblivious). Octavia has been undercover while this has happened and she overhears all of this conversation and is visibly upset about the accusation. The leader of this table discussion, who I think is named Rafel Chandler, plans to challenge Roan for one on one combat as an Ambassador for king.

Back at the Arc, Skaikru is trying to figure out how to survive the oncoming radiation and end of the world. Raven knows that they need to figure out a water system, which would require a hydro generator which they know an operational one is located in Ice Nation at the Farm Station. When they are brainstorming Monty realizes that they are in the best option for survival in the Arc. It has withstood all the elements in space for years and they need to work together to patch up any holes in the Arc.


Tell me I’m not the only one to see that. Photo Credit: The 100/CW

Bellamy and crew head out to the Farm Station when they realize that Ice Nation has moved into the station and while scouting are captured by warriors of the Ice Nation. Bellamy says that Roan is the king and has acknowledged Skaikru as the 13th colony and has tasked them with acquiring the hydro generator. The chief lets them get out of captivity and says they can get the generator only and have to leave. Inside they see a bunch of slaves and find out they are going to be moved and likely never seen again. The group has to make a decision, get the generator and leave to preserve the mission to have water for an extended period of time, or use the generator as a bomb diversion to save the slaves. Bellamy was the swing vote and decided to use the bomb to free the slaves, Monty had the chance to kill the chief, who he didn’t know was the one who killed his father. Instead he broke the chains to free the slaves who went and killed the chief.

Back at the Capital, Roan practices fighting with his right hand for his challenge, he is getting beat repeatedly by his right hand who offers to stand in for her king, yet Roan declines. Octavia goes to meet Rafel on two occasions with the second meeting just a meeting one to one. When he refuses to challenge her instead she gets a long piercing blade and kills him through the ear, she wipes up all the evidence and leaves as the next day he doesn’t show for the fight it is announced he died of heart during the night. Ilian knows that Octavia killed him and wondered if she would kill him too, she says she doesn’t know what he is talking about as she leaves, Roan’s right hand seemed to be suspect of something.

Back at the Arc, Raven is struggling to find volunteers to help repair the ship, she had five people who volunteered to help, Jaha volunteers and said he was an engineer before he became Chancellor, though Raven doesn’t trust him and wants no part of him helping with repairs. After talking with Clarke she agrees to let him, “sort the scrap.” Jaha agrees to do whatever it is Raven needs as he wants to try to learn from his sins.
Jasper is no longer suicidal but seems to be in a carefree, almost reckless state and doesn’t care what is happening or going to happen and just wants to party for the last 6 months alive. After Bellamy returns with 25 more people, and no generator Raven and Clarke are shocked and upset. With roughly 525 people at the Arc they know without the generator they might be able to keep around 100 people alive unless they find an alternative. Clarke decides that she will have a state of the union for the people to let them know what is happening to give them hope, with the hope that it will make more people want to volunteer to help. Clarke serves the Kool-Aid pretty well, full on lying to the people, at the end she does get more workers for Raven and Clarke says sometimes people need hope. It’s a slippery slope for sure, and I would say likely a short term solution, especially if Jasper and his care free ways starts talking.