It’s true though, she plays a baddie so much better. Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

We have go cover a few things about the current rules of the CW universe. Their seemingly is none, well you can come back to life, we have time travel that can move forward and backwards, we have aberrations that can arise from time travel and changing events, while we also have multiple worlds with an alternate “self” in each world.

That is exactly how I feel. Don’t be discouraged, it is ever changing and that can lead to frustration and once you think you figure it out the rules change.

We ended the last episode with “a” Laurel at Arrow’s head quarters catching everyone off guard. This person tells Oliver that everything you hear about death is true, the white light, an angel approaching you, but she says her angel was her sister Sara with the wave rider that brought her back to Oliver’s current without creating an aberration 9 months later. Oliver is putty, he blames himself for Earth 1’s Laurel’s death and wants to believe that he can help this Laurel that is in front of him. Felicity, being the obvious brains behind the team is skeptical why someone that was dead and buried in the ground mysteriously comes back alive nine months later as if nothing happened. Felicity the poker player says they will throw a party to celebrate Laurel’s return, she uses that ruse to run a DNA sample off of a glass to find out who this person is.

After running the DNA it comes up as a match for Laurel, but after a little talk with Ragman she realizes that it has to be one of the other Earth’s Laurel. Felicity is right as the fake Laurel said it was about time someone figured it out as she was tired of acting all nice and attacks them and leaves. A short time later this Laurel calls Oliver and says she wants to talk and wants to help. She tells Oliver that she got out of Star Labs by Promethius but he said that she had to attack Oliver as part of the arrangement but she doesn’t want any part of it and can help track down Promethius. Oliver wants to help Siren and agrees to meet but tells the other members they need to stay back and observe, but Felicity doesn’t trust her and links them on an alternate com and tells them to attack when they think she was going to pull a gun on Arrow. They captured Black Siren, dubbed so by Felicity and is able to use the good vibe charm on Oliver but it still doesn’t work on Felicity who sees through it all but Black Siren is able to break free after a power outage and escape.

Mr. Terrific is pretty beat up with himself at the frequency he gets beat up in battle, how he feels he can’t stack up, and how his choice to be a super hero has cost him his marriage. Wild Dog was poking his buttons until he snapped at Wild Dog, after yelling at him and pushing him against the wall he opened up to Wild Dog about his frustrations. Mr. Terrific spent time trying to figure out how to update the counter to Black Canary’s voice as the Black Siren is on a higher frequency, he believed that if he was able to figure that out they would be able to nullify the effects of Black Siren next time in a fight. Wild Dog was impressed and reminded him to not focus on what he can’t do, and focus on all the good he can do for this group because it is pretty kick ass.

After tracking the location of Black Siren and guessing that Promethius is there, the team sets out while Mr. Terrific and Felicity stay in the van to try to finish problem solving the voice counteract. Mr. Terrific thinks he has figured it out and that they have ran out of time, and head in, it doesn’t work at first and they are knocked back, Wild Dog was already taken out, I’m unsure of Ragman’s whereabouts, and Oliver is fighting Promethius. Felicity gets up and is stopped by Black Siren and Arrow has to make a choice, Promethius or save Felicity. Terrific is able to get up and get the technology to work just enough for Felicity to deliver a wicked right hand knocking out Black Siren right back to custody, where Oliver says he will keep in Iron Heights, because he is a slow learner and still thinks they can save her.

As we wind down the episode Oliver tells Felicity that he thinks it’s time he follows on a promise he made to Laurel and find a new Black Canary, he says he is sure that someone out there is worthy of the name, which is what they will search out for now. We see that someone in Hub City might be just what they are looking for.

Felicity wasn’t the only one who got to work on her right cross, John Diggle is in prison and said he won’t try to escape but he will try to fight the charges. Oliver talks to District Attorney Adrian Chase about the case and how he would like him to look into and represent his former bodyguard and current friend John Diggle. The double crossing General comes and says he has a transfer for John Diggle. John knows that if he goes with the General he would be dead before the attorney could make it back to his office. Adrian Chase tries to talk with the General to find out if he has all the appropriate paper work for the transfer. The General does, and with time running out he whispers to John to hit him, after the second request John obliges, with that hit he cited a code that says he can block a transfer if an attack on an officer happens in the jurisdiction of the District Attorney signed off by the DA. He is able to temporarily block the transfer for the time being to process all the paper work. The General says he will be back with a signed document from the President. With that I instantly love the District Attorney but not sure what else he has planned to save John.