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Hello Gothamites! I’m happy to welcome you back to another invigorating episode of Gotham! First and foremost, as apprehensive of Isabella as I was, Penguin’s reactions last week were WAY out of line. Killing her did nothing but break Edward’s heart, and by extension…my heart. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so let’s start at the beginning: As you all know, Edward (for the time being) believes Isabella successfully made it to her librarian’s conference, and was impatiently awaiting her call. He and Penguin discuss it before Edward is beckoned to the GCPD.

While there, he is forced to I.D. the lifeless and battered body of his Isabella. (For real though…fuckin’ Gotham, taking Chelsea Spack from us AGAIN. She deserves better, dammit!) It very nearly destroyed Edward to see that face, yet again, on an autopsy table. The Penguin quietly talks to a detective before telling Edward that she fell asleep at the wheel and ran through the train lights before ultimately colliding with the train. Edward falls into a deep depression afterward that worries Oswald to no end. He convinces Ed that the best way to cope is to press forward, and despite Oswald calling Isabella by the incorrect name, Edward decides that he’s right. He goes to visit the area that took Isabella from his life, but things don’t seem to add up. He concludes that, because her car wrecked only a few blocks from her apartment, there’s no possible way she could’ve fallen asleep at the wheel. A blind homeless man approaches Edward and asks if he’s there regarding the wreck. Ed asks if he saw what happened, to which the blind man says no, but (I’m paraphrasing here,) “the poor girl screamed for help as loud as she could.” Edward correctly deduces that she was murdered and uses his pull as The Mayor’s right hand man to investigate Isabella’s totaled vehicle. Upon doing so, he discovers that the breaks were cut. *Cue dramatic Soap Opera music.* He brings what he’s learned to Oswald, before accusing Butch Gilzean as Isabella’s murderer. The Penguin apologizes for his insensitivity regarding the matter and promises Edward that they’ll take Butch down for her death.

Meanwhile, on the lower end of the criminal totem pole, we finally get to see what an all grown up Ivy Pepper does in her spare time. Turns out she seduces rich men, has them inhale a plant toxin of her own design that bends them to her will, and then she robs them blind. But her plan backfires when she’s caught stealing an emerald necklace from a powerful man. She turns to Selina for help, who only momentarily questions whether this 20-something year old woman really is Ivy. Bruce arrives to help, confused by Ivy’s drastic physical change,but nevertheless ready to assist. They’re suddenly attacked by masked men with crossbows, and the gang very narrowly escapes with their lives. Ivy notices the fireworks between Selina and Bruce, and asks if they’re together. While Selina says no, Bruce says yes, and it causes a moment of awkward silence among the two. Bruce deflects the uncomfortable moment by asking Ivy how much she wants for the necklace. They settle on $5,000 in cash, and Bruce says he’ll return the necklace to its rightful owner. The trio return to the mansion only to find the man Ivy robbed lying dead with a couple of crossbow bolts to the body. Ivy tosses the necklace aside in a panic, but upon seeing it hit the ground and break, she notices it isn’t an actual emerald within the necklace, but instead it’s a key. Thanks to the dumb invention of Cliff-Hangers, this is where the episode ends for them. Though there is one small tidbit that comes from it. The masked men raid Selina’s hideout, and hidden behind a brick wall, they find a box full of news clippings regarding Bruce Wayne himself.

Finally, on the opposite side of the law entirely, Jim begins to suspect something is wrong with Captain Barnes, and that Barnes is behind the murders they’re investigating. He asks Bullock for his help in looking into the Captain without causing a ruckus, to which Harvey reluctantly agrees. Barnes pulls Jim aside and tells him he’s got a lead on the murderer. He tells Jim to ride along with him, and convinces him not to call Bullock. Jim asks where the lead is, before sneaking a call in to Harvey to relay the address. Barnes tells Jim he ‘accidentally’ gave him the wrong address, before pulling into an old warehouse lot. The two burst in, guns raised, to find a lowly bookie. He tells them he’ll come quietly, but Barnes isn’t having any of it and shoots the man. Jim turns his gun on Barnes and tells him to stand down, but instead the Captain tries to convince Gordon that they’re the same, and they should join forces. Jim denies him and discovers that Alice Tetch’s blood has taken the Captain over, and Barnes decides that it’s time to be rid of Jim once and for all. However, they’re interrupted by another mafia-related lackey, and when the Captain turns his attention to the intruder, Jim dives through the window.

Barnes calls in every available officer in the GCPD, claiming that Jim Gordon murdered both the cleaner and the surgeon, and that he was currently trying to run him down. Jim calls Harvey and explains the situation, before pointing him toward Lee for help. After being cornered on the second floor of another warehouse, the GCPD backup arrive. At first Barnes assumes it’s to back his word, until Harvey gets on the bullhorn. He tells Barnes that they have irrefutable proof from the Medical Examiner’s office that he’s been infected by the Tetch Virus, and that the Captain should come quietly. Jim tells Barnes that it’s over, and the two tussle. Jim manages to get a hold of a gun, and as Barnes goes to fire on him, he pulls the trigger and hits the Captain in the shoulder. The GCPD enter after hearing the shots fired, only to find Barnes lying on the ground.

He ends up arrested and put into Arkham Asylum. Back at the GCPD, Lee and Jim step aside and share an extremely touching moment. Jim thanks her for her help, and Lee cracks a joke about how she had to forge medical documents in order to save his life. It’s honestly sweet and brings back my love for their relationship. That’s all for this episode, tune in 8 pm central to watch the next episode of Gotham!