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Since our beloved show is on a little hiatus until Nov. 15. I thought it would only be fitting to theorize what’s to come.

Episode 6: James Wonder

In order to land the soon-to-be open principal’s position at her school, Jess must impress the disapproving president of the Parents’ Council. Winston puts his undercover skills to the test and Nick struggles to come up with the perfect wedding gift for Schmidt and Cece.

This must be the president of the Parents’ Council, but I wonder what Jess says to set this guy off? I have a feeling Jess gets the principal job in the end because there has to be some kind of resolve at the end of the episode. It could possibly be that Jess and the president become friends after dealing with their issue and then Jess gets the new job, which is awesome.


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I’m also really curious about why Winston is going undercover. He looks like he’s dressed up as a teacher and is possibly helping Jess get the job, by doing some investigating. I’ll laugh if Winston’s cover is blown.

Episode 7: Ready

After Jess announces that she is ready to date again, Schmidt pushes her to give her workout partner, Robby (guest star Nelson Franklin), a fighting chance. Then, when Cece hires a hunky new bartender, Nick struggles to understand male beauty, while Winston’s newfound confidence makes him irresistible.




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Well, it looks like all is going right with Jess and Robby at the gym, which by the way, I’m still not happy with the fact that the writers want to get them together. But anyway, it looks like by the end of the episode, Robby hurts himself pretty badly. I bet he tries to show off in front of Jess, and ends up injuring himself severely, like we can see in the picture. I just hope this relationship ends pretty quickly, if they do end up together, because I’m just not into them as a couple. And he’s already dated Cece, so why have him date Jess? What would be interesting, is if these two are still dating when Reagan comes back to the loft. Can we say jealousy all around. That I would love to see.

What do you think is going to happen in the upcoming episodes?