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Tuesday’s “Drunk History” profiled one of the great American, political families: the Roosevelts. Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor (she was a Roosevelt BEFORE she married Franklin-they were like, 2nd cousins 😱) exerted influence, power and strong will over the landscape of politics in the first half of the 20th century. Some highlights:

-Teddy Roosevelt updated the game of football to the modern passing game

-Narrator Katie speculated young people didn’t now about Teddy because “They don’t pick up a g*dd*mn book”

-Narrator Eric had all of Winston Churchill’s favorite cocktails: scotch, French champagne and sherry

-Apparently FDR & Churchill stayed up to the wee hours plotting how to win WWII

-Narrator Pager gave us the story of Eleanor Roosevelt and the communist sniper, Lyudmila Pavlichenko

-Eleanor and Lyudmila toured the country drumming up support for the war effort against Germany

-Narrator Pager was so moved by their final meeting in Moscow, she cried through the final minutes of her story

Join in for more drunken historical fun next week, Tuesday at 10:30PM PST!