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Since the PBS Hamilton special was announced and set to air on Oct. 21st, musical nerds have been losing their minds trying to catch glimpses of what we’re in store to see. The wait is SO LONG, we need somebody to hold our hand and tell us it’ll be okay…

Naturally, we find comfort in YouTube! So here are our top 5 Hamilton videos to hold you over until the big day…

Hamilton in Real Life – My Shot and Aaron Burr, Sir

Wow. This gem has it all; amazing costumes, perfect casting and talent across the board. It’s hard to believe these actors aren’t actually on Broadway – their physicality (not to mention vocal prowess) is very reminiscent of musical theatres.

Congratulations – Storyboard

This fan-made animated video captures Angelica’s sass perfectly, connecting the dots that we envisioned and creating a storyboard we can only hope the producers of the eventual film adaptation look towards for inspiration.

360o Wait For It

These interactive Youtube videos are seriously cool – click and drag the screen to see different cast members belt out Burr’s iconic tune. This is an insight into the music that will be impossible to achieve even on Oct. 21st, simply haunting.

Carpool Karaoke

A longer one, but if you haven’t seen it yet – check it out, it speaks for itself!

The Schuyler Sisters Clip

A seemingly legit clip of The Schuyler Sisters – to give us an idea of what we can expect out of the choreography and how the story is staged!

Disclaimer – The final clip was posted under the pretense of being “not-for-profit” and “legal”, TGON does not support bootleg musical or the exploitation of live theatre! 

Article Submitted by Rachel Hill