99% of the NBA fans are likely raging at this picture. Photo Credit: NBA2k17

So it’s time for some hard truths, I’m saddened to write these out, I don’t play video games nearly as much as I would like. Life has gotten in the way, my work schedule is pretty busy right now, being short handed, in addition to that the TV market has been very strong as most of you know. It is a golden time for small screen cinema, I cover a number of shows for you here, and I enjoy a number of shows covered by our other awesome writers. So I have a number of video games waiting their turn on my shelf for them to be played, some of them even unopened. I tend to buy games that take a long time to beat to get my money’s worth, or something with a lot of replay value. All of those games got pushed to the side with the release of NBA2k17. So I bought this on the early release, it’s been out for a week let’s go over my thoughts on the modes I have had a chance to play. Short answer I like this more than 2016, but not more than 2015, but I’m keeping an open mind it can overtake that as I get more time.

One thing I am very happy about is they changed the alley-oops back to an easier to execute way compared to last year. Last year I would be Grandma in this clip, just falling all over myself trying to execute an alley-oop.

Source: Tumblr

I can say that I am VERY excited that they have added a new expansion mode into MY GM. You can add in up to 6 teams into the league, I started my season by adding in 6 teams at one time. So with that I do not know if you can add them in at different seasons. I somehow took a team of misfits to the playoffs in the first year, you can have 2 fan generated teams and logo’s and 4 of the pre generated teams. So with that you know I had to search and I chose the Flint Tropics from Semi-Pro. My plan is if I picked them our opponents would get, “rain forest sweaty” and be at a disadvantage. I think the jersey’s are amazing.

Paul George showing some of the custom jersey options. Photo Credit: NBA2k17

MyTeam is always a great option, I am slowly building up my team. For those that aren’t really familiar you get a team from card packs. They have current and former players, attributes, jerseys, arenas, coaches and such you can use to formulate your team. I have a long way to go but it is such fun as no two teams are alike. They have weekly challenges, a mode where you have to defeat every NBA team and hit enough bonus points to earn packs, you can even play others online.

I haven’t had a chance to play the blacktop mode where you can play 3 on 3 against others around the world, or the mycareer mode which you start from the bottom, get drafted, and have single player story mode. I didn’t like last year’s setup at all so I hope this season’s is better.

In any case it’s time to stop talking about this game and get back to playing this game. If you enjoy the NBA as much as I do I would recommend picking up this game as it is the top of the charts for basketball.