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Marcos’s Thoughts On Doug Liman Directing “Justice League Dark”

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With the announcement of the Justice League Dark animated film coming out this fall and Guillermo del Toro  stepping out of the project, many of us thought that the live action version was good as dead. However earlier this week it was announced that not only the live action version is alive and well, but that Doug Liman would helm the film based off a treatment from del Toro. Now this is quite a mixed bag for me. While I’m happy to see this adaptation come to the big screen, I cant help but feel this is only a knee jerk reaction of the box office numbers of Suicide Squad. I hope WB give Liman his creative control to allow him to do his best. Liman has done some great films and his Edge Of Tomorrow was one of the best films of 2014.

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This also means that the Gambit project is now dead for the time being unless Fox pulls in a new director that will make both the fans and Tatum happy. Personally, I think that Liman made the right move going with such a cult comic series that has a world that will go well with his own style. Hopefully the studio will keep their hands out of the shooting, editing and any re-shoots during this project. Liman is a well respected director and should be allowed to do what he feels is best for this adaptation, because we don’t need another Suicide Squad on our hands.

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