Personally, I never experienced the hype around the Harry Potter books, since I started reading them around the time that all of them were already released. But with the Cursed Child script, I finally have experienced some of the hype. It is of course not the same as waiting in line for some hours for the midnight release and then spend the entire night reading. But the impatient wait for a new piece of Harry’s life was there.

First, I really like the way the book looks, both on the in and outside. It isn’t in the same style as any of the other HP books, but the look of the book doesn’t give away any details of the story.

Going around on the internet, I saw a lot of negative comments about this book, like that it was more like fanfiction than an actual story, that some things were a bit odd and over the top. In some way, I can relate to those things because there might some kind of truth to it. But a script isn’t normally released as a book for the public, and in order to bring the story to life in a play, it should be a little of the top. The same goes for movies. I just don’t understand that people can’t just enjoy it. It may be not written by JK, but that doesn’t instantly mean it isn’t good or a solid piece of Harry’s life.



Over the course of the book, I came to love Scorpius. He is always so nice and he reminds me of a weird mixture between Hermione and Neville.  It is so weird that someone like Scorpius is the son of somebody like Draco. But they look-a-like, so he is probably not Voldemort’s son. And I love how we get to see a different side of Draco, instead of him being arrogant when he was younger. We see him more as a caring person who would do anything for his wife and son. This story focused itself mainly on Albus and Scorpius and it is absolutely heartbreaking to hear how those boys have experienced life so far. Scorpius has been pretty much in hiding in Malfoy Manor before he got to Hogwarts, only because his mother was very ill and Draco was afraid that the rumors that Scorpius was Voldemorts son increased. Which had actually the opposite effect. And you have Albus who not only have to deal with Harry being his dad and his name but also with Harry not being such a good dad.



One of the greatest/heart destroying moments was the alternate reality in which Voldemort wins, Harry dies and Albus was never born. To help Scorpius to set that straight Snape, Ron and Hermione give up their lives so Scorpius can change the present back. The way Ron and Hermione die together is just so romantic, only it is followed by Snape dying, again. I was not ready to read that again and I was in tears at that point. Speaking of Ron and Hermione, their relationship is just life goals.

But the one thing of this entire book that was a bit disappointing/completely insane is the existence of Delphi. Daughter of both Voldemort and Bellatrix?! Really now? I don’t believe that Voldemort had the time nor the desire to think one day “hey let’s have a kid”. Being it with Bellatrix doesn’t surprise me that much, but still, Voldy having a kid? Nope, I prefer not.

Just a few of my favorite quotes from this book are: (and yes I am totally aware that most of them are from Scorpius, I just love him so much)

“Consider me engorimpressed” – Scorpius

“My geekness is a-quivering – Scorpius

“I’m Rubeus Hagrid, and I’m going to be your friend whether you like it or not.”— Hagrid

“No, it’s time that time-turning became a thing of the past.”— Scorpius

“I, uh, I opened a book. Something which has—in all my years on this planet — never been a particularly dangerous activity.”— Scorpius

“One person. All it takes is one person.”— Snape

I was hoping that reading this book would ease my excitement for the play, but it only made it worse. I just really want to see this story coming to life on stage.

Hope you liked my review, and please let me know what you thought of Cursed Child!