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Somewhere in Suicide Squad’s sea of re-shoots and edits there is a good film. Suicide Squad is not as terrible as some are aging but far from a good film. The film biggest problems are the same from Batman v Superman with it’s awkward editing and story telling. The re-shoots and the feel of too many hands on the editing button is felt. The only thing keeping the film from failing is the chemistry of the cast and the true grit David Ayer brought. But even that is taken a seat back to the edits. While Joker and Harley did not disappoint and Leto Joker was really interesting to watch he is given such a minimal role with only a few moments to shine. Leto gives it his all but we don’t get enough to appreciate it. Now if you told me a few months back that Jai Courtney would be the best thing in the film I would have rolled my eyes but he is. Jai Courtney knocked it out of the park with his role as Captain Boomerang. The cast,for the most park does a great job with a few minor things here and there. But my biggest issues mostly come from Cara Delevingne as Dr. June Moone / Enchantress. Enchantress should have not been this film’s villain. She was a weak villain with odd CGI and powers that were pretty inconsistent through out the film. And I couldn’t help to face palm as an archaeologist finds an ancient artifact right before breaking it…what? And also what happen to GQ and his men? Why did Capital Boomerang come back after already being told he’s free? How do both El Diablo and Enchantress able to understand each other? And how did a bomb stop a 6000 year old God? While Suicide Squad did have fun moments and looked and sounded great with its flashy special effects and soundtrack. It’s a film where the more you think of it the more confused it leaves you.