Hey everyone! Welcome back to another TGON Plays! This week I’m bringing you another childhood favorite of mine, Yoshi’s Story! This classic video game is mostly platform style, and gives players the opportunity to play solely as the beloved Super Mario character, Yoshi! This game tells the story of how all Yoshis live in peace in their home world, supported by a fruit-bearing tree known as the Super Happy Tree. Jealous of their peaceful existence, Baby Bowser wreaks havoc. He casts a spell upon the land and turns it into a Pop-Up Storybook, as well as takes away the Super Happy Tree. Because of his jealousy, the Yoshi become weak. However, six eggs prevail through Baby Bowser’s bullying, and when they hatch, they find something is wrong, and decide to fight the dread that was set over the land with their own happiness. In an attempt to defeat Baby Bowser, the six Yoshis travel from page to page, collecting fruit and searching for their lost Super Happy Tree as a way to restore their homeland.

Yoshi’s Story also comes with a trial mode. Once each page, or level, is defeated, it becomes available to test out in the trial mode.This mode gives players the chance to earn the highest score possible and collect as many points as they can. Simple in it’s design, story, graphics, and overall gameplay, it’s a fun game for anyone of any age, and is a great throwback to one of the earlier Nintendo consoles. It’s a treasured game in my collection, but, as I previously stated, is fairly simple. While this simplicity can be fun, it can also quickly bore a gamer. Yoshi’s Story is a fun playthrough once every blue moon, but isn’t a game I play on a consistent basis. It’s also, unfortunately, very short-lived. The Yoshi pop-up Storybook only has six pages, and therefore, six levels. It’s available on Nintendo 64 and was recreated many years later for the Wii, but because of it’s inability to captivate, although partnered with a very colorful and entertaining game, I’m only rating this at a 2 out of 5 glasses rating. Tune in next week for another TGON Plays, and thanks for reading!