This week’s episode of Mr. Robot was one of the darkest and most stunning episodes of TV I’ve seen in a long time. After keeping us in the shadows for much of the season, this episode gives us many of the answers we’ve been looking for, and then left us in a state of shock at the end.

The good (?) news: Elliot is back to hacking. And boy does he seem to thrive when he is doing what he loves. The bad news: We finally learn Ray’s true identity, and boy is it bad. I was CONVINCED that Ray was a figment of Elliot’s imagination, but it would seem that he is not. While I initially thought Elliot was hacking the FBI, as he mentioned in the previous episode, turns out that’s on hold (more on that later). Instead, Elliot spends much of the episode working to fix Ray’s mysterious website. Previously, Ray told Elliot not to look at the site, but Elliot just couldn’t stop himself from taking a look, and what he found? Disturbing. Ray administers a site in the deep dark web selling anything from weapons to sex slaves. The man we thought was Elliot’s friend, is actually sinister. And when he finds out Elliot didn’t follow his directions, he’s angry. The episode ends with Ray sending his goons to pull Elliot from his bed and beat him in a shocking ending.

Elsewhere, Darlene is working on the plot to hack the FBI. After an early disagreement with Elliot on how to move forward, Darlene joins forces with Angela (girl power!) The two plot for Angela to drop off a package at FBI headquarters (currently located at the EvilCorp building) as step 1 in the plan to hack the department and erase all existence of fsociety. Elliot is not happy that Darlene has brought Angela on board, but Angela wants in. I’m on the edge of my seat to see the girls in the driver’s seat.

Finally, the FBI agents were on a bit of a journey this week, travelling all the way to China to find clues about the 5/9 hacks. Dom spends much of the episode engaged in a rather strange conversation with Whiterose, who, it turns out, is the Chinese Minister of Security. I must admit that I found these scenes both engaging and confusing. I can’t wait to find out where this goes, especially after the episode end when, it yet another shocking turn the FBI entourage was attacked by masked gunman as they ate breakfast.

And still, I’m left with my most pressing question – where is Tyrell? This episode we get a little closer to the truth, as his wife Joanna received a very mysterious phone call. Yet Tyrell remains absent. I expect him to show up sometime soon.


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