TGON Plays: WarioWare INC. Mega Party Games!

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to another TGON Plays! Before we get too far into this game, I’ve got a question for the lot of you. Have you ever played something so genuinely odd that you have difficulty describing it? Mind you, the game is undeniably addicting, but it just lacks the ability to be described? That’s basically what WarioWare is. Despite this, I’m going to do my best to tell you everything I know about this game.

With no true storyline, you and your friends can compete against each other in a series of ridiculous mini-games. The games are hosted in some form or another by Wario and his friends, and they’re learned kind of on the go. you get a short amount of time to analyze the mini-game, figure out what the word-hint means, (For example: The mini game will tell you to dodge and you’ll very quickly duck under an obstacle. It’ll tell you to shoot and you’ll have to hit a certain target.) and then finish the game within the time limit. They require quick thinking and some serious hand-to-eye coordination skills. After each game, the loser gets penalized and loses a “life.” Whoever loses all their lives first loses the game entirely. It’s literally centered around Nintendo and throws calls to Super Mario Bros and Zelda. There are also single player options, but I promise that this game is more entertaining when played among friends. Should you want to play the single-player style, you’ll go through the mini-games as normal, and once you’ve beaten a certain amount of these games, you get to a boss-game. Unlike the mini-games, the boss game has no time limit, and once you’ve defeated the boss game, you move on to a new level, hosted by a new character.

It was released in 2003 for GameBoy Advance and Gamecube, edited and re-released for Gamecube in 2004, and released again in 2011 for 3DS and WiiU. WarioWare has been highly rated by IGN, GameRankings, and Gamespot. In 2008, Game Informer called it one of the top ten weirdest games of all time – something I’m not actually surprised at. Regardless of it’s high praise, it’s definitely a game that I believe stayed under the radar. It’s certainly one that entertains for hours and, despite it’s lack of storyline, I’m rating it at a solid 5 out of 5 glasses. Be sure to check it out for yourselves, check out next week’s TGON Plays, and thank you for reading!


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