Fear the Walking Dead has some good aspects of it, it sure tries it’s hardest. It just can’t deliver, it is always being over shadowed by its bigger counterpart. I do think it was a wise move to release this trailer before the regular Walking Dead trailer. I think it gave people a chance to check out the trailer while they wait for the regular one to come out. I could imagine that it might help bring more people back to this show as the trailer was stronger than previous season. If this trailer followed the flag ship shows this would have been absolutely buried because of the high stakes of the flag ship show.

Nick Going Solo
In what appears will be a lengthy story line we follows Nick going off by himself away towards Tijuana. Early in the preview we see he is 100 miles away, later we see him involved with a group in or around that area? No way to know for sure yet. He passed out from exhaustion and he was picked up. It’s obviously hard to tell all that happened, but it appears that he got fixed up by a doctor, got chased by some bandit gang, embraced by the community and got to play with the children. It also appears though that certain sections might be separated there. Another big thing we see something odd where there is a bus next to a fence, and someone walks inside the bus and goes out the back, and just stands there embracing the fact that walkers are going to just go and eat him. It’s a weird dynamic are they sacrificing bodies so the walkers don’t try to take down the fences or perhaps is it some sort of punishment? In a way if it was a punishment and banishment I would imagine the person would at least try to fight them off and escape.

Travis and Son on The Road
I like that the groups are smaller with their own problems in their own settings. But I don’t like either of these two characters, if they find themselves in the middle of a walker party I wouldn’t be upset about it. We don’t see much, we see them on the road, scavenging for food and supplies, trying to get a running vehicle. Travis trying to protect his psycho son, while the son wants to defend himself because he thinks he can. Towards the end we see Travis running after a truck while his son sits in the back seat with no emotion as they appear to split even more.

Group Taking a Holiday Vacation
The rest of the original group find themselves on a joy ride through a city. When the sun is about to set and they start thinking about shelter they check into the nicest, largest hotel around. They notice that it seems to have been kept in pretty good shape all things considered, so Strand, always being smart, if not defiant, goes right up to the check in counter and smashes on the bell. I love this move, if there are walkers around or people I want to take it on face to face up front instead of being blindsided later on. It looks like they stay at the hotel for an undisclosed amount of time, but that ‘safe haven’ ends up over run and we see people in tough positions.

All in all I think the direction of the show and pace is improving, though they have covered lot of ground in a short period of time. I think the breakup of the initial cast along with introducing new characters will do wonders for the show.

Reminder, Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday August 21st on AMC.