We all love TV, and we all love seeing our faveourite shows being recognized for outstanding performance. Sometimes, though, fan-faveourites gets absolutely robbed when it comes to award shows. With that in mind, TGON presents some of the most unfortunate snubs of the 2016 Emmy Nominations.

The Flash


Source: The Flash // CW

Previously accepting an Emmy for Special Effects, it’s interesting that the series was not at least nominated for the same category this year; seeing as the show piled on new speedsters, villians and timelines, which all require their own unique set of effects. Also, it’s shocking to see that Tom Cavanaugh wasn’t nominated for a Supporting Actor award; considering the versitility he’s displayed through the many roles/variations on Harrison Wells/Harry he portrayed this season.

Orange is the New Black


Source: Orange is the new black // Netflix

Only one nomination for Casting, despite Uzo Aduba’s 2015 win for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. The nominations suggest a drastic decline in the show’s overall quality, which is not true in the slightest.

The Good Wife


Source: The Good Wife

Much to the surprise of fans, is nominated for writing, but not acting. The final season of the show displayed noticably weaker writing than previous seasons, but Julianna Margulies’ acting was outstanding as usual.



Source: Outlander

Outlander was overall snubbed, yet the acting from this season has been some of TV’s best. Even Game of Thrones author, George R.R Martin agrees, expressing on his blog that he feels the show was “robbed”: “All three leads were amazing… especially Tobias Menzies in his double role as Frank and Black Jack.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Source: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend // CW

The show recieved a well-earned nomination for songwriting, but fans feel a show so unique and sucessful should be better represented in the nominations. Best Lead Actress in a Comedy, anyone? No doubt Rachel Bloom’s quirky brand of comedy deserves a nomination (not to mention those musical numbers)!

Jessica Jones


Source: Jessica Jones // Netflix

That’s right, David Tennant did NOT recieve a nomination for his genius portrayal of Kilgrave. He displayed depth, danger and schrewedness perfectly and consistently across the season; this character actually gave us nightmares! How was Tennant passed over?!



Source: Daredevil // Netflix

Continuing the trend of glossing over superhero TV, Charlie Cox and Elodie Yung also did not recieve nominations for acting. Daredevil did however, recieve nominations in other categories, but its nominations are in no way reflective of the magnitude of show’s success…

The Entire CW, Actually.


Source: CW Network

With Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl all pretty much snubbed, one might ask oneself: What the hell, man?

Alright, as much as we love to rant, at TGON we get that nominations are limited and not every outstanding show can get recongition. TV is quickly becoming a very competitive category; too many incredible shows to follow. Bravo to all the nominees!

Article Submitted by Rachel Hill