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Classic Summer Movies: High School Musical

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In the summer of 2007 Disney Channel aired the sequel to High School Musical. It introduced new songs, a new setting, and new tacky fabulous outfits.

Memorable Moments

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That time when Troy lived out of all of our fantasies by frolicking around a golf course singing about his hopes and dreams.

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When things got too real and Troy realizes it sucks to be a grown-up.

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The time I realized I had nothing in common with Gabriella. Who the hell parts ways with Zac Efron?!

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Sharpay’s obligatory solo in which she basks in her own fabulousness and greed.

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When Shapay’s plans fail once again. Troy and Gabriella reunite to sing at the talent show and resume their annoyingly adorable relationship.

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Thanks for reliving HSM 2 with me! Now grab some friends and some popcorn and re-watch it in all it’s cheesy glory.

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