Critics have debated whether or not “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah” is up to par with Adam Sandler’s past iconic and hilarious works. But I’m not concerned with the so-called “quality” of the film. All I ever really seek out in a move to call it good is relatability and I definitely saw my family’s dynamics represented in there. 

A young girl on the brink of adulthood with big plans for a coming-of-age party. What could possibly go wrong? 

Messy, crazy, and unexpected are just some of the words defining the events of the film and the life of every young middle schooler as they enter their teenage years, navigate friendships, and fight to be what is deemed “cool.” Therefore, it’s only natural for a teen’s relationship with their family to be the same. 

A sister who is both a rival and the only one who could possibly understand you when it comes to negotiating deals with your parents. A father who undeniably cares for you but simultaneously lives his life to embarrass and get a laugh out of you at every second. A mother who seemingly seeks to control your life but has that inexplicable wisdom that only comes with life experience and maternal instinct. 

With three sisters myself, I could only see all members of our family shining through different parts of the film. 

So, to the parents about to watch this with your families: take in the crazy ride that comes along with navigating the teen years. Your kids are only doing the same in their own wild ride that is the notorious “tween age.” I shudder at the thought of ever reliving those. But I miss the times when all of my siblings and I were living in the house at once. I would do anything to return to those family nights in the living room and car-filled drives where I never ceased to bug my dad to change the radio station. 

Nepotism or not, Sandler and his daughters represented a true family on screen together for the first time. I thought about what a film of my own family would look like and I could only imagine the same kind of chaos ensuing. And I couldn’t ask for anything better. 

What about you all?