#MTLComicCon Day 2

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I went back to Montreal Comic Con on the second day and impulse bought some things and learned a lot about Star Trek!

Day 2 was going to be a huge day for me, there were four panels scheduled one after the other and I was ready to just sit in my chair all day and take notes about what Kate Mulgrew, Eliza Dushku, John Barrowman & Cary Elwes had to say!

I packed some protein bars and a bottle of water in my backpack and ran onto the subway to get to Kate Mulgrew’s panel! She was so inspirational you guys! I can’t even explain the feeling of being in a room with her. She made me want to be a better person and go after my dreams. She was so eloquent and such a beautiful soul that immediately after her panel, I ran down to the convention floor and made my first impulse purchase: a photo-op with her. I wanted to stand next to Kate and have her slayage rub off on me if only a little.
~ ”Find what it is that you love and hurl yourself into it”
~ She went in and out of voicing Red from OITNB and it gave us all goosebumps
~ The character description for Red said her accent wasn’t very intense but when Kate read it she just felt the character and that was the voice that came out.
~ She talked about how she was one of the only women on the Star Trek set and the first female captain and compares it to being on set with almost all women on OITNB. Kate said that it’s so inspiring for her and drives her to give the best performance, for those women and for the show.
~ Her Star Trek costars used to come to set naked when they weren’t on camera to make her break
~She praised Jenji Kohan many times and said that OITNB would have a very satisfying ending, when Jenji chose to do so.
~She’s very proud of this show and the Netflix model that allows them to explore stories from a three dimensional angle
~She though it was genius that season 4 of Orange forced us to look at these bad guys through the lend of empathy

Source: Hasti for The Game of Nerds

The next panel was Eliza Dushku, which I ran to from the convention floor after buying my photo-op
~One of the first fans that came up to ask a question and the first thing they said was “it was so stupid that Dollhouse was cancelled, just like Firefly”
~She loves Joss Whedon and constantly has these moments of wanting to cry and thank him for everything he did for her career
~She recently enrolled back in school, switched her major from psychology to holistic sociology and is excited to get back to school!
~Voice acting is great because she can do it while she’s in school
~If Joss Whedon called and asked her to do a Faith spinoff or anything else she’d basically jump at the chance.
~Arnold Schwarzenegger told her to keep “her funny name” because people will learn it and remember it.

After the Eliza panel, there was supposed to be a John Barrowman panel but he had to cancel so I went back to the convention floor and took a picture with Cary Elwes and fulfilled my lifelong dream of standing next to Westley. Then I ran to his panel where he told amazing stories from the set of The Princess Bride.
~André The Giant was the sweetest man and Cary’s fave person to work with
~They had gotten André an ATV so he could drive to the remote hill location they were shooting on; on the day of the scene where Westley & Buttercup roll down the hill, Cary tried to ride André’s ATV but his toe got stuck under the pedal and he crashed. The nurse comes over and sees he’s completely broken his toe, he’s terrified of being fired so he tells her to not say anything and just make a splint. There’s a point where Westley has to sit down in the seat and Cary did it in that weird semi-elegant way because of all the pain he was in!
~Of course, Rob Reiner, the director, comes up to him and asks how he is, Cary pretends nothings up but Rob is like dude, I’m the director, I’m the first person they told. Cary said he was constantly sweating and scared of being replaced.
~He told another story about André farting on set at some point, according to Cary, it legit lasted 15 seconds, made the earth vibrate and no one knew what to do or say!
~There was a little girl asking a question so Cary ran down the stage and went up to her at the mic to give her a hug.

After this panel, I ran down to the convention floor again to get my picture with Kate Mulgrew, I made some awesome friends in the line and Kate was the sweetest and standing next to her made me feel so much power!

Keep checking back for my coverage of day 3 – coming sometimes this week – and read part 1 here!

Source: Hasti for The Game of Nerds

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