It truly seems that wide release horror movies are on the upswing; there’s a ton of delicious treats coming our way. Seriously, we have a solid two years of good horror. I’m talking originals, sequels, prequels, and everything in between. This sudden resurgence of horror may be overwhelming for the unprepared, so I’m here to skin the cow and give you the juicy bits. I’ve combed through the this years remaining horror releases and pulled the goodies. Consider it my pleasure for your leisure.

  1. The Shallows – OUT NOW – Blake Lively is hunted by a great white shark. I read the script to this bad boy, formerly titled In The Deep. This movie will bring fear back in the water. It is a must see!

    2. The Neon Demon – OUT NOW – The director of DRIVE, Nicolas Windin Refn has a very unique vision. He’s applying his vision to the horror genre. Starring Elle (where’s my sister) Fanning, this film looks like a Lana Del Rey nightmare. A must see horror film that will provide fans with some depth in the genre.

    3. Lights Out – July 22nd – Mark my words, this will be one of the freakiest horror films of the year. Based off a short film that nobody can watch in the dark by themselves without quickly turning on the light. Basically, it’s about an“entity” appearing when the lights are out. You turn them on, it gets closer. You will fear the dark. 100% MUST SEE!

    4. Don’t Breathe – August 26th –  This is going to be one hell of a intense flick! Starring the asshole from Avatar, Stephen Lang plays a blind man that turns the tables on some home invaders. For any Daredevil fan out there, think STICK gone wrong. It’s also directed by Fede Alvarez who directed the Evil Dead remake.

    5. Rob Zombie’s 31 – September 16th – The rock God kills again. This time he’s conjured up a twisted world wherein a bunch of carnies get kidnapped on Halloween by these sickos called “The Heads” who force them to play a game life or death. Prepare for a brutal, exploitation filled bloodbath of pure horror that only Mr. Zombie can offer. MUST SEE…if you can handle it!

  2. Rings – October 28th – Executive Produced by Guillermo ( Mr. 1,000 projects) del Toro, the creepiest little girl returns to cinema in the 3rd installment of the Ring franchise.  Paramount wants this to be their next big franchise. Let’s up it works!
    Article Submitted by Eric Ami