Hey everyone! Welcome back to another TGON Plays! This week I’m bringing back a beloved game, called Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland or T.H.A.W. Part of a beloved Saga during it’s prime years, T.H.A.W. was one of the first Tony Hawk games to support Xbox Live and give you a bit of online play. It follows the story of a rebel “country bumpkin” who travels to Los Angeles to make it big as a skater. After some punk steals your character’s stuff, you begin a tutorial to learn new things and get it back. After finding a new friend named Mindy, who sets you up with an amazing skater named Iggy Van Zandt, you setout to accomplish your goal. As our main “Farmer Ted,” you’ll be traveling all over Hollywood to compete in competitions and help your fellow skaters. But after unintentionally outing Iggy as your coach, you find out he’s a wanted man and he gets arrested. It’s up to you and a few others to rescue him, clear his name, and get the same fame and respect as Tony Hawk.

There are cameos from various real-life skaters in this game, as there have been in most Tony Hawk games. From Bam Margera, to Ryan Sheckler, to Tony Hawk himself, you’ll utilize these characters to learn new tricks, up your skills in the skate-world, and create new connections all over Hollywood. T.H.A.W is also one of the only games that allows you to get off of your skateboard and hop onto bikes. On a bike you can learn BMX tricks, complete side missions, and get from place to place even faster than on a skateboard.

I thoroughly enjoy the Tony Hawk games, and next to Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, T.H.A.W is one of my favorites in the series. It’s available on the GameCube, Original Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and Microsoft Windows. It’s also got a Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance counterpart called “American Sk8land.” While I did state that it’s one of my favorite Tony Hawk games, it’s repetitiveness can take down the overall fun of the game. It’s definitely not a game I could play constantly, and I can usually only handle one play through every now and again. Because of this, I’m only giving it a 3 our of 5 glasses rating. That’s it for this week. Tune in next week to read another TGON Plays!