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Me, watching every episode of Fear the Walking Dead, if I was NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young.

We made it! We made it to the halfway point in season two of Fear the Walking Dead. You know what this season reminded me of? A online video game but struggling with buffering. It was moving right along, followed by extremely slow progress, followed by a super charged spurt as it worked to get all caught up to where it should be. Now we are either back at the beginning of the cycle or trying to figure out the mess that was left after you inevitably got murdered.

Besides that similarity this episode reminded me of the Walking Dead, namely the dreaded farm. Everybody hated the farm, it was slow, boring, still, they kept walkers alive of former loved ones. and it all ended with a structure going up in flames and walkers overtaking the landscape. You think that’s it? Oh wait I have more, a kid is lost and a member goes off on their own to look for them, a beloved character gets stranded on their own in the final melee, and the rest of the group all scramble and end up meeting at one central spot by a vehicle. The only real big difference is that Nick had a chance to go with his group, but voluntarily chose not to.

So let’s get into it, I’ve covered most of the main important stuff, but let’s recap before we also pass along a spoiler I uncovered for the back half of the season. Cecilia hates Strand and the rest of the group minus Nick for many reasons, mainly because Strand shot Abigail in the head after he passed away and they couldn’t put him in their weird holding gate thing. Nick gets a free pass because he seems vulnerable and impressionable, also because he was willing to go back and get the body of Luis for her. Cecilia lets Nick and the group stay and says that Nick is going to be responsible for them while they are there.

Chris is nuts to the max, he might have even passed the level of crazy that Lizzie had in The Walking Dead. After almost getting to the point where he wanted to kill Madison and Alicia, he goes rogue, leaves and ends up keeping a family at gunpoint, putting himself in a room with a man’s boy at gunpoint. Travis tracks him down, and Chris says that he should just leave him as he is no good. Nick ends up tracking them down because he is good at this sort of thing now, but Travis tells him that Chris can’t come back, and he needs to go back and say he couldn’t find them.

Daniel starts seeing and talking to his dead invisible wife. He lashed out and attacked some people. He is considered a danger to himself and others and it tied up. He is able to escape and he is the one that sets fire on all the captured walkers with himself around inside that room. That room includes Cecilia who was locked in by Madison, after for some reason stupidly unlocking the door and letting herself in with them closing in.

So before we get to a potential spoiler let’s recap where we are at, Abigail’s compound is burning, including creepy owl tree thankfully. Strand, Madison, Ofelia, Alicia are in a truck ready to leave back to the boat, Nick has forsaken the group by himself, Travis is off with Chris trying to turn him back from being a psycho, with Daniel seemingly in the burning compound somewhere, walkers closing in fast along with workers from Abigail’s property coming the other direction.

So what might things look like in the second half of the season? Potential Season two, second half spoilers Well we found a article from an interview from Yahoo TV with producer Todd Erickson, some of his tidbits included that, “we didn’t see Daniel’s body burn for a reason. His story is done for season two” but he left the thought open we could see him again in season three. He also talked about how everyone is essentially scattered for now, but eventually the group will become together again. With what we have seen on Walking Dead isn’t a huge spoiler situation, these things happen, but announcing them ahead of time just seems very strange for a show to do, but on the flip side, with this show, this shouldn’t be a shock at all.