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Jane the Virgin “Chapter 42″

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

Tension finally came to a boiling point with Jane and Petra last week on Jane The Virgin. As much as we all wanted it, it was never realistic that these two could form a healthy friendship. They are way too different. And not in the cute opposites attract sort of way. Petra is clearly jealous of Jane, and Jane is naturally judgmental so these two could never really confide in each other. What caused their fragile friendship to finally collapse? Who else, but Anezka, the evil twin!

But she’s so sweet and meek! HELL TO THE NO. Girlfriend is faking all of it! She is annoying and she’s got some scheme cooking. I’m betting she’s going to trap Petra in a closet somewhere and take over her life. Especially since she has a crush on Rafael! She started small–sabotaging Jane’s TA job and manipulating Petra to cover for her, but with that bit at the end (where she pretended to be Petra with the nannies), we KNOW something bad is coming!

Onto Rafael, as usual, our boo is in trouble. His brother is now blackmailing him into selling him The Fairwick for $1, or else he’ll let the Feds know about his dirty money. Thankfully, Rafael confided in Jane in a very cute scene (their chemistry is just FIERY. #TEAMRAF), who in turn told Michael, who in turn called Susanna. I don’t know, but this is probably going to somehow get Michael killed because SURPRISE SURPRISE: Derek is working with Mutter (his and Raf’s mother). Oh what a tangled web!

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

In less life-threatening storylines, Michael finally started as Rogelio’s bodyguard and it was not up to par with his old fast paced detective life. Rogelio is a kind man, but he’s superficial and vain–really nothing like Michael–so he spent most of his time defending him from Esteban. Speaking of Esteban, can you believe he and Xiomara actually hooked up?? I mean, I totally can believe it, but can you imagine how Rogelio will react?? Then again, maybe he won’t care because he’s so into Dina. I really don’t believe this is the end for Xo and Ro, but things aren’t looking too great right now.

Only two episodes left, and it’s shaping up to be an insane finale!

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