I went to Seattle with my mother, and we decided to go see Chris Messina (of The Mindy Project)’s directorial debut film at the Seattle International Film Festival. Now, before we left, I for some reason thought that it would be a good idea to familiarize my mom with his work, and one of the movies we watched had full frontal nudity of Mr. Messina. SOOOO we watch the movie, and listen to the Q&A. Then I go and say “Hello, i’m a big fan, can i take this picture of you and my Pocket Jamie (Fraser, from outlander) He’s nice and lets me. THEN my mom comes up to meet him. And, i shit you not, the first thing she says to him is “Hi! I’m Jane! I like your ding dong!” The poor man could only compliment her purse and I dont think i can ever look him in the eye again.