This week’s installment of LoT was based on a few emotional scenes and some faulty logic.

When we last saw our heroes, they were being hunted by The Pilgrim, a deadly time-assassin hell-bent on ending the team. This week’s task was saving their pasts selves from being annihilated; basically it’s The Terminator with DC heroes. Heatwave and Sara’s former selves were attacked at points in their lives where they were vulnerable, because for the first part of the episode The Pilgrim could only attack at certain points in the timeline (as regulated by the Time Masters).

After that, the writers throw logic out the window. Gideon is unable to track the assassin, and somehow this gives The Pilgrim the ability to move freely through the past.


GIF Source: kourtneyobsessed Tumblr

Somebody explain the correlation.

A more emotional tone was set when Jax met his father, who died two weeks after Jax was born, in Somalia. It would’ve been a more impactful scene if Jax had mentioned his father in previous episodes, but such is life. Jax finds closure in knowing that his father is proud of the newborn in the delivery room, and eventually warns him against his death. Surely that should alter the course of history and mess the timeline up, right? Apparently wrong.

We also delve into the relationship with Ray and Kendra, while the two wonder what role Kendra’s ancient curse will play in their romance. More significantly, we learn about Rip. His childhood, his surrogate mother, and the hard life he lived before becoming a Time Master. This actually did wonders to the character, his present actions are so obviously tied to his backstory and watching him is more compelling now than ever. Nice job, Darvill.

Finally, the principal arc was alright, but it could have been less generic. The villain kidnaps the heros’ loved ones and demands they sacrifice themselves to save them. The Flash followed a similar plotline this week, but LoT’s didn’t work out as well because it lacks the foundation to pull it off as beautifully.

Overall, an OK episode. I just hope the writers take the time to re-evaluate their logic.



Article Submitted by Rachel Hill