Finally, the team is focusing less on ending Vandal Savage, and more on stopping his rise to power via his future allies. This is a welcome change, and probably comes about because the writers have realized that you can’t have a show that centers around a single, awesome, villain (unless it’s Jessica Jones). The writers have found enough conflict between the heros’ personalities and ethical values to write a good plot. This is where the show needs to stay, it’s at its best when it enters the grey area of morality and the heros are left to make a choice.

This week’s choice: Is it ok to kill a 14-year old Hitler?

Ok, not in so many words, but Per Degaton, a soon-to-be powerful dictator and mass murderer, is 14. The primary plot focuses on the team’s split stance on the ethics of killing a child, and the entire thing is thinly veiled as the old “What would happen if we travelled back in time and killed Baby Hitler?” question.


Source: BBC America // Doctor Who

In this case, however, the plot actually quite engaging, as well as being a welcome distraction from the hopelessness of attacking Savage himself.
Several changes in the group dynamic are also important to look out for; Captain Cold and Heat Wave face off (it was ultimately uneventful, but served the purpose of solidifying their tension). Ray and Kendra’s relationship is becoming more interesting, as they open up more than ever this week.

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