Source: Alex C for The Game of Nerds

It was all about love this week on Jane the Virgin. Okay maybe not love, but definitely dating.

Lina helped convince Jane that it had been way too long since she’d gotten any sort of action, so she signed her up for an online dating website. After swiping through some pervy randos, she finally came across a guy that she liked. The problem is that Jane comes on a little strong…but that’s just her type. She’s romantic; she doesn’t want a fling–she wants a relationship, and even more than that, she wants a good father for her son. COUGHRAFAELCOUGH I know I’m biased, but Rafael is just her best option here! And yes, he’s made some mistakes, but think of all of the negative forces in his life; think of all of the things that have gone wrong for him; can you blame him for wanting to do everything that he can to hang on to Jane and his son? Jane talks about how she doesn’t want to have to start another relationship…well girl, you don’t have to. Hopefully, things will fizzle with Jane and Professor Chavez, and Petra and Rafael won’t hook up (because they’re not his babies…I think) and they can make it work. Jennie Urman has said several times that Jane IS getting married at the end of the season…I’m still holding out hope that it’s Rafael. Unless, in some freak telenovela style accident, she gets married and her new husband is murdered on the honeymoon.

Moving on, Xo and Ro’s relationship is steady…it has been for some time now, but this week we got a glimpse into how strong it really is. In an effort to comfort his mother, Rogelio let her manage him again. The problem was that she micromanaged everything and everyone, and he couldn’t take it. The old Xiomara (…even the beginning of the episode Xiomara) may have encouraged Rogelio to fire his mother, but she tried to get him to keep her! And when he fired her anyway, Xo comforted her and even tried to take the blame. The best part is that Ro’s mom already knew, and appreciated the gesture. She even gave Rogelio her engagement ring for Xiomara! Talk about the ultimate sign of approval. This could go two ways though: 1. Things could keep running smoothly and he proposes on a white stallion on the set of his telenovela, or 2. (more likely) this freaks Rogelio out and creates a kink in their relationship.

A few notes and questions going into next week:

~I was trying to be mad at Petra for being so bossy to the nurses, but it totally makes sense that she’s stressing about maybe miscarrying again. I can’t even imagine what that dread might feel like.

~What are those baby names? Why did it get you all so worked up? And can I, as a viewer, request a paternity test?

~Rafael, how do you get more attractive every week? Did your mom actually inject you with a serum to make your hair even fluffier than usual?

~Has Michael seriously had a the chip in his leg this whole time?

~Who was Alba looking up? Are we going to get a story about a secret lover?