In light of the success of Netflix’s original Marvel series, Jessica Jones, I thought I’d gift you guys with a list of some of the world’s favorite super badass ladies!

1.) Sara Lance: Full on honesty, y’all…the Black Canary wouldn’t exist had Sara not started the trend. She’s a badass with a heart and she’s sure as shit not afraid to roundhouse kick someone in the face.

2.) Natasha Romanoff: The Black Widow is probably the most terrifying member of the Avengers, if only because she can make the men of the team wet themselves with a glance. (Who wouldn’t pee themselves in fear of getting on Nat’s bad side?)

3.) Selina Kyle: Most recently portrayed by Camren Bicondova in Gotham, the Catwoman has a thing for vigilante Bats and shiny Objects. She’ll do just about anything to get both too, from saving a bus full of children to robbing a local jewelry store for the diamond necklace she saw in the window.

4.) Karen Page: She may not have any powers, but she IS damn fearless and will do anything to shine light on the bad guys lurking in the dark. Maybe being fearless IS her super power?

And our final badass lady for this list goes to…

5.) Felicity Smoak: An original character to the T.V. Series Arrow, Felicity brings a level head, smart mouth, and a tendency to get EXTREMELY flustered around hot guys to the Team Arrow Table. She provides a unique insight to Oliver Queen’s more questionable actions.

I hope you enjoy this list and agree that these ladies definitely deserved the recognition!