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The Ladies of Star Wars

The phrase “girl power” in relation to Star Wars has always had interesting reactions to it. Girls haven’t always been respected in the stories or in the fanbase, and the series originated in a time when women weren’t really respected anywhere. Times have changed since then, and thankfully, this intergalactic story has some truly kickass women. TGON is going to highlight our favorites!

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Let’s start with everyone’s favorite: the clever, kind Senator-turned-Princess-turned-General Leia Organa. Before the release of Episode IV in 1977, placing women in sci-fi was hard–let alone strong women. In fact, placing strong women in any kind of entertainment was a task few cared to take on. But after Princess Leia strutted into the frame and into our hearts, geeks all over the world suddenly learned that girls could be a part of the picture too. Now, she is regarded as one of the best female characters ever created by many publications, critics, and fans. Who wouldn’t?! We love her humor, her smarts, her wit, and most of all, her hair (can someone say ‘space braids’?).

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Leia’s smarts aren’t just a coincidence–no doubt she gets some of them from her mother, Padme Amidala. Secret wife of Anakin Skywalker and Senator in the Galactic Senate, Padme was a wise, skilled fighter and politician. She fought for her people and for her husband, and had she been able to raise Luke and Leia as her own, we believe she would have been a wonderful mother to them. Padme was what brought girl power in Star Wars into the 20th century and made it possible for girls to keep fighting on with the guys in sci-fi and beyond.

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Next up: one truly badass girl, Ahsoka Tano, sidekick to Anakin Skywalker and well-versed Jedi apprentice. Ahsoka’s place in The Clone Wars, both as a series and film, and as an event in history, brought girl power to a different audience–kids. The Clone Wars’ immense popularity allowed Ahsoka to become a loved and respected character and example of how important girls can be, whether it’s in a battle for galactic freedom or being the smartest kid in class. This part of Star Wars history is so important and wonderful to witness.


Last but certainly not least, Rey! With a new generation comes a new heroine, and we could not be more excited to welcome Rey into the Star Wars universe. Young Rey lives a lonely life on the planet Jakku as a scavenger, orphaned and friendless except for her droid BB-8. Fans are speculating about Rey’s heritage and her place in the story, and many believe that she is a Skywalker or a Solo. Whether or not this is true, Rey is a fascinating addition to this universe and her story is one that will hopefully take its place among those of the original heroes.

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