TGON Reviews: The Scorch Trials


hotter than the scorching sun and is hitting the Box Office this year? That’s
right guys! Maze Runner: the Scorch
is out in the cinema and I don’t know about you but I am SO psyched
about this film. I’ve seen it once already but I can’t wait to go back and see
it again. It’s packed with action, drama and a fair amount of horror. When I
saw the first film I liked it but when I saw the second one I fell in love with
it so much I went home and ordered the a box set of the books at once.

The Scorch Trials picks up where the Maze Runner
left off, Thomas and the other Gladers have been rescued from the Maze by
Jansen (Aidan Gillen) and takes him
to a compound where they realize they weren’t the only maze and that there were
other groups of gladers as well. At first it seems like everything is well and
most of the Gladers seem happy that they get a chance to eat proper food, get
clean clothes and sleep on actual clothes but when some of the other groups get
taken away by Jansen never to be heard or seen from again Thomas gets

With the
help from a member of Group B, a boy called Aris, they discover that nobody’s been
taken anywhere and that the other gladers are all trapped in a laboratory
hooked up to some kind of machinery. As if things couldn’t get worse, they
eavesdrop in on a conversation between Jansen and Ava Paige whom is still alive
and it dawns upon Thomas that this still a WCKD operation. At first he’s unable
to convince the others but when Jansen comes to get them one night they realize
they have to escape and when they find Teresa, the Gladers do the unthinkable –
they leave the compound to face the unpredictable elements outside in the


Theresa, Winston, Newt, Minho, Aris and Frypan realize that the only way to get
away from WCKD is to get to the mountains but in order to that they have trek
through desolated world before them and face the dangers along the way.

Keeping in mind I haven’t (yet) read the books, I thought the Scorch trials was
much better than the Maze Runner. When I left the cinema I felt like I’d walked
out of a horror film because there were so many jumpscares and elements in it
that made me jump and hold onto the edge of my seat not knowing what to expect
next. All the actors are at the top of their games and there’s a good sense of humor which I love because you can tell they’re all having fun with and I can
only imagine how much fun it must have been making it. There’s some brilliant
cinemtography in it and it packed with action and drama and doesn’t leave room
a single dull second. Whilst I’m aware there’s a lot of source material left
out from the book I still think it makes for a more than fair thrilling
adaptation and I for one cannot wait for the Death Cure to come out and see
what happens next.


TGON Rating: 5/5 Nerd-Glasses



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