Cloak and Dagger

Spoilers ahead. I loved the structure of this episode. The previous episode ended with Tandy and Ty rushing into a room where there are a number dead gang members. They are unsure of what happened and called the only person they feel they can trust, Detective Bridgid O’Reilly. Bridgid is rightfully pissed that the two decided to interfere in the situation an berates them, which Ty takes to heart. Ty and Tandy get into a heated discussion about how much choice people have in their suffering and escaping from that suffering.

The story then follows Ty as he deals with his desire to do good and make a difference. He noticed a symbol near one of the dead bodies and goes to he girlfriend’s aunt, and Voudon priestess, to  get more information. Seeing as how he hasn’t spoken to Evita for several months the reunion is less than romantic. I do like that instead of hiding his powers, he immediately lets her in on his secret, after more frustration she eventually decides to help him try to help others.

The episode then resets, from the point where Ty and Tandy enters the room of dead people, replays the conversation and then follows Tandy on her journey to try to help others. Her focus is specifically on the women of the domestic violence victim support group she attends. She continues to be frustrated with one particular victim’s apparent lack of interest in helping herself and fusses at her to the point where she causes the woman to leave the group.  Much of Tandy’s story is then showing her how people are sometimes tied to their misery and suffering in ways that are not easily escaped.

Another reset and we follow Brigid as after a hard night of drinking at the bar, and an intense conversation with herself in the form of a double reflection in a puddle after vomiting, she has a sudden change of demeanor.  She becomes more sure of herself in her conversations with peers and a lot more willing to break the rules to get what she needs from suspects and their families.

Eventually all three stories converge around the young lady that Tandy was attempting to help and we get a what I found to be a cool surprise about that apparent pep talk Bridgid gave “herself”.