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Welcome back you guys, to TGON Plays! As promised, here is my review of Batman: Arkham Knight!

I started out, in all honesty, a bit frustrated. Due to the creation and excessive (But totally awesome.) use of the Batmobile, the controls are a tad bit different, especially when it comes to accessing your gadgets. But I warmed up to it quickly and immediately started kicking butt and taking names.

Because this game is still so new, I’m only going to give a quick and hopefully, spoiler-free, synopsis and my general opinion. The game opens with Joker being cremated. That’s right everyone, the Clown Prince really is dead. Scarecrow, having been taken by Killer Croc back at the asylum, is back and he’s 100% pissed off. He sets off a bit of his new and improved Fear Toxin in a diner. For those of you who don’t know, Scarecrow uses Fear Toxins, a gas-like substance that forces you to hallucinate your worst nightmares…to the point where you’d rather take your own life than continue with the hallucinations.
The diner full of people and toxin causes such a panic that an infected cop murders several civilians within the restaurant.  The city, having felt nothing but peace and security since Joker’s death, immediately panicked at the shocking sight of the massacre. With Scarecrow’s threats to gas the city unless the citizens complied, Gothamites evacuated overnight. After said evacuation, only the police force, the worst of the worst villains, and the Bat-Family remained. At one point during Batman’s hunt for Dr. Jonathan Crane, he gets infected with the Fear Toxin and begins to see The Joker everywhere he goes. Throughout the game Joker eggs Batman on, hoping he’ll murder someone, because when he does, The Joker gets to take Bruce Wayne’s mind over.

The hallucinations however, aren’t just from the effects of Fear Toxin. Back in Arkham City, when Joker injected Batman with his tainted blood, it wasn’t just disease surging through Bruce. It was The Joker’s being, his very essence. We get glimpses of the effects of prolonged exposure to Joker’s blood and with the mix of Scarecrow’s enhanced Fear-Toxin, a battle begins for Batman to maintain control of his own mind.

Will Batman prevail, stop Crane, and stay sane doing it? Or will Joker being inside his head push him too far past redemption? Play Arkham Knight and find out for yourselves.

This game, in al it’s glory, pushed Batman and the Bat-family to new limits and offered new Dynamics to their relationships. I absolutely NEED everyone to play this, just so I have other people to gush with. On top of the already ridiculous amount of crap the Gotham Villains are plotting, Batman also has side missions to accomplish.

Riddler has kidnapped Selina Kyle and is threatening to detonate a bomb around her neck if you don’t solve his riddles, Penguin is funneling weapons between Gotham and Blüdhaven, and SOMEONE is murdering people and stringing them up across the city.

So go out, get yourself this game, and BE The Batman.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, tune in next time for another TGON Plays review!