Hey there world! So, I know Batman: Arkham Knight recently debuted for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and there’s been a lot of attention toward the DC universe and our favorite Caped Crusader these past few months. So I thought, why not give my take on the series? Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be discussing the Batman: Arkham series and all the things I love about it.

The creation of Batman: Arkham Asylum ignited a franchise that would fill millions of people with the urge to dress up in a moderately flexible, leather batsuit, and fight crime and I, for one, think THAT is why I love the first installment of this series so much. Simply because it enhanced a legacy.
You, The Batman, have captured Joker for what feels like the umpteenth time, but as you take this Crazy Clown into Arkham to have him booked, you speculate on why it was so easy to arrest him this time around.

After releasing him to the authorities, you’re forced to watch as Joker escapes and kills one of the guards escorting him. You’re permitted to go after him and things escalate from there. As he parades across the Asylum ground, freeing bad guy after bad guy, you’re faced with having to take on some of Gotham’s biggest Baddies, from Scarecrow to Poison Ivy. Putting them in cells and trying to figure out Joker’s sadistic plan becomes your main priority. You soon learn that Joker’s target, his reason for getting locked up, is to acquire a more powerful strain of the Venom that keeps Bane so ridiculously strong. Ultimately the strain is titled “TITAN.” The Titan is being used to make Joker’s men, and eventually Joker himself, stronger than ever. In the end you face off with, and defeat, a Titan-Enhanced Joker. The Titan eventually fades which causes the burly drugged up beasts to go through a painful transition as they fade back into normal men.

I could go on for hours about this fantastically twisted game, but why should you have to read about it when you can just play it yourselves? Go out and find this game! It’s available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS. Just know, that before you ever step into the world of Batman: Arkham Knight, you have to start at the Asylum. It’s where the story begins!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this review! Tune in next week to read about Batman: Arkham City, the second installment in the Batman series! – Charlie