The Walking Dead has been a smash hit ever since it hit AMC. Season 1 started as a small test run, the same as Fear the Walking Dead’s first season, even though it has already been green lit for season 2. AMC has to know that the chances of this show bombing is low, which is why I don’t understand why season 1 is not the standard length.

I am excited to see a few things for sure. Foremost I am excited to see what creator Robert Kirkman comes up with having a clean slate to write with. With The Walking Dead he had nearly 10 years of comic storylines, and characters that he had to pull from, not exact obviously but he had a road map drawn for him ahead of time. I am excited to see how the walkers first started out, are they smarter? One would think they are faster, perhaps they run like in the move 28 days later?

One thing we do know, sexier walkers? Check!

based on what we know so far, in Fear the Walking Dead we are going to
be starting out on the west coast in
the Los Angeles area, it is also going to be taking place right when the
outbreak begins. Season 1 is supposed to last the entire time (or nearly
all of it, no way to know for sure) that Rick was in his coma before
season 1 of the Walking Dead. It could help tell the story of how the
outbreak occurred, and what (presumed) incorrect ways to stop it from
the beginning. I would expect a faster paced show early on from Fear the
Walking Dead based on the source material.

Some things we can
only guess, lots of people die, the group decides that populated area is
not the best option for them. I would be interested to see where they
go to. We can also assume that the timelines will eventually meet up but
the groups will never be at the same place at the same time. I would
think the only way that would happen is one show is going to get
cancelled and they either have a big bang up standoff or merge the
characters to one show.

Things I want to see:

Awesome special affects, crazy walker kills, crazy human kills from walkers, an thought provoking reveal on the outbreak cause.

character who is going to play Alicia, who also stars in the show The
100 live forever. I think she is fantastic. I know this show has other
stars from other shows, but on the surface I can’t get behind any of

I want to see this guy meet a quick and gruesome death

you take the time to watch the trailer, you won’t feel like it’s a
unwarranted request from me. He will have you yelling at your TV in
disgust. Click here to check out the trailer.

I look forward to talking with and exchanging theories on this series. Don’t be afraid to drop a question/comment! – Jon