Hello Readers, Gamers, and Geeks of the Unknown! Welcome to another segment of TGON plays! This time around we’ll be doing another zombie-centered video game. It’s not as well known to the gaming community, but it’s absolutely one of my favorite plays ever. Watching and playing this game again gave me so much delight, simply because there were so many adult-related jokes that I didn’t catch as a kid.

Plants VS. Zombies! No, just kidding. Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without A Pulse brought a very different view of zombies, so much, in fact, that it’s from the zombie’s perspective! You play as our main bedraggled baddie and start the game by bursting out of the ground and ruining a sickly sweet date between two highschoolers. The commotion attracts a guide robot cleverly named Guide-Bot, who lends advice and tips on how to proceed in the game. It leads you into the perfect and futuristic city of Punchbowl! Punchbowl, set in the 1950s-60s of North America, was founded by a man named Andrew Monday, who had the dream of building a crime-free, hi-tech future-bound city. of course, your one and only goal is to cause havoc and death every where you go. Until, that is , you see a picture of Andrew’s mother, Maggie Monday, and fall hopelessly in love. Then your goal becomes finding her…and in the mean time causing havoc and death every where you go.

One of my favorite aspects of this already raunchy game is the set of skills that Stubbs gets throughout the story. of course, you’re able to swipe at your victims and eat their brains, but you also get the powers of Flatulence, Gut Grenades, and the ever so handy Mind Control. Flatulence allows you to release a gas from your bodacious zom-booty that momentarily stuns surrounding enemies. The Gut Grenade is pretty cool as well, and give you the ability to fling your innards at unsuspecting victims. The Mind Control, (A personal favorite) can work on virtually any human, and calls for you to detach your arm and release it into the wild. From the arm’s perspective, you can crawl around, defy gravity by clinging to ceilings like an evil, decaying spider, and drop onto the heads of the human of your choice. It’s a HANDY tool to have (haha, see what I did there…Handy. It’s a hand.) when you’re trapped, as it allows you to use a human to free the rest of your body.

All in all, this game will forever be close to my heart, and watching it is more than enough entertainment. It’s a 10/10 game that didn’t get enough popularity. To my knowledge, it was only available for the original XBOX console, but you may be able to get it for your PC as well. If I ever tell you to play a game, I mean it. But take me seriously here when I say GO OUT AND PLAY THIS GAME!!!

This has been you Thursday Throwback in the world of gaming, thanks for reading! – Charlie