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If you’re a Gotham fan, like me, you probably can’t wait for September. To freshen your mind and to make your post-Gotham depression even worse, here are the reasons I can’t wait for season 2 and the questions we all ask ourself:

The Bat Cave

The first and most exiting one: The Bad cave. Oh  Bat cave, bat cave, bat cave what for beautiful secrets are you hiding? At the moment it’s a bit tricky to guess what kind of bat cave it is. mostly because the story hasn’t told us anything about why and how Thomas Wayne build or discovered the cave. Personally I think it is a natural formed cave and Thomas (accidentally) discovered it, making it the perfect place to work on secret things.

It would make sense if the cave would be empty or slightly filled with items that were high-tech for that time, I’m still not sure what kind of things that could be. Maybe something Thomas Wayne was working on? But I also like the idea that Bruce starts putting the cave together at age 11.

The War over Gotham

With Falcone out of the game, Maroni dead (or not), Fish gone and Penguin now the self declared ‘King Of Gotham’, what will happen next? Maybe a new leader will stand up and take control of Gotham, because in my opinion penguin is not  ready for the task. He is to focus on power, revenge  and is too impatient to rule the town. So someone new kicking the ‘King Of Gotham’ off his throne seems logical to me. So that Penguin  can be the ruthless small-time criminal he is suppose to be. I think his mother, Gertrude Kapelput, plays a part in that. He is after all still a mothers child.

The Disappearance of Fish

Is she gone for good? Or not and comes casually walking in the warehouse again, like nothing happened? there are a lot of opinions on whether Fish not returning is something good or not. Most of them based on her story and the acting from Smith. She’s a great character and I liked the way she handled things around Gotham. I mean she was a woman in a world that’s mostly around men. In my opinion I think it’s a shame Smith isn’t returning in season 2. Will they make her a guest? Or did they send her off well enough that we can assume she is dead?

Inside Barbara’s Head

What is going on in Barbara’s head? Were her knife skills good for a place in Arkham? Or will she continue her life outside those walls? Maybe Gordon feels sorry for her, or is mad because she did try to kill Lee. I like the idea of her locked away in Arkham, Gordon and Lee look like they fit better together.

Nygma’s Unreachable Love  

Will they ever get together? Is this Edwards crush something only to dream of? Will she ever find out why Dougherty never showed up for dinner? Nygma has got one the most interesting character changes throughout season 1. He went from the innocent, slightly crazy and shy forensic scientist to the mental psychosis that turns him into The Riddler.  I hope that we can expect even more crazy Riddler moments, to truly understand the real reason Edward Nygma turns into The Riddler.

Selena Kyle

Will she  get back on the same side as Gordon, or was the last episode a taste of what is coming next? And how is her relationship with Bruce going to evolve. Will they still be friends or do they become more than just friends?

The Joker

Will the younger Joker finally reveal himself? Is it Jerome, the kid with the read hood, someone we already know or someone new? I would not be surprised if Nygma turns out to be Joker all along. But I still see him as the Riddler Man. On the other hand Jerome seems like someone who has the twisted mind to become the Joker. There has been confirmed that the Joker is featured in Season 2. So guess we’ll find this out soon!

Characters, old and new

Where was Ivy in the last few episodes? Is she coming back? Is Alfred going 007 again? And will we meet more of Batman’s future enemies?  Don’t forget the new characters! What kinds of story’s will The Mad Hatter, Clayface and Mr. Freeze have? I love to know more about the villains and what made them become Badman’s enemy’s.

Of course there are a million more questions, but unfortunately we have to wait a while before our questions will be answered.