Mad Max is back after 30 years and somehow is still able to get us to drop our jaws. We instantly are introduced to this world of waste of Max Rockatansky along with a visual stunning chase sequence. In true Mad Max fashion he finds him self in another crossfire of battle of human life. One side we see Furiosa played by Charlize Theron trying to save a set of human slaves. On the other we see the cruel king of the wasteland, Joe who along with his deformed family willingly do anything to get his slaves back.

The film grabbed me as we see a true spectacle in the first main furious speed chase which is shot and edited very beautifully. This chase had me on the edge of my seat and had me thinking that they cant top this in the second and third act. Yet every chase topped the last one without feeling forced or tedious. They were largely set thanks to the amazing tone and look of the wasteland along with the direction of George Miller’s stealler style. However in the middle of this action packed, adrenaline epic, there is a human element that saved this from being a action popcorn flick. The theme of human freedom and liberation gave this film a extra layer to it which made it much more than another summer action film we usually get.

Overall, Fury Road is a twisted epic of destruction that is both bold and beautiful. This action packed masterpiece that drives us back into the world of Mad Max which is fulled with unique characters. Mad Max: Fury Road is not to be missed!