The first season of the Flash is coming to a close.

Prepare to feel those finale-feels.

Nora lives, Flashpoint ensues:

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There’s been copious amounts of speculation as to how the writers at the CW plan on wrapping up this season, but all arguments circle back Nora Allen. Since this was the pilot season, it’s likely that there are two different endings that were shot for the finale; one that would allow the season to stand on its own, with a complete, definite, beginning-middle-end plotline, and the other that would allow the plot to be easily extended into another season. The latter ending is aired if the show gets renewed; the former if the series gets cancelled due to low ratings. If Barry were to let his mother die, it would provide a definite ending to the series (not to mention, it would be a really depressing note to end our story on). Which is why I think Barry saves Nora. It might seem like he’s accomplished his goal, and would thus be robbed of his raison d’être for next season; but it would also require a rewrite of the entire universe to account for all the changed events that are the result of Nora’s survival. As comic aficionados will know, this alternate Nora Allen-inclusive universe is called “Flashpoint”, and ultimately, is not a Flash-friendly place. As we’ve seen in the trailer, Barry starts to get erased from time, this is a solid indicator that the show is headed towards Flashpoint.

Barry’s on his own:
This might seem obvious, but I think we can safely count Oliver Queen, Firestorm, Felicity Smoak, etc. out of the characters appearing in the finale. I think there’s been a lot of collaboration between them and the Flash, which is great, but for the finale it would be smarter for the writers to let the audience focus on Barry. After all, this upcoming fight is a highly personal matter, and is bound to be an emotional encounter, having a second hero there would just be distracting, not to mention it would run the risk of cheapening some of the mother/son-centric scenes.


Wells’ final scheme:
There’s also the question of Eobard Thawne, it seems highly unlikely for Dr. Wells to find himself in a situation over which he has no control; having been “1000 steps ahead” of the team since the first day. The trailer shows us that the team is keeping Wells in the pipeline like any other villain, but let’s not forget that Wells has demonstrated ultimate control over the tech at S.T.A.R Labs. Being confined certainly does not mean that Wells is capable of any less than he has been, and I’m predicting at least one more mind-blowing reveal for the finale.

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