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The Darling Nerd: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Lupercalia

Source: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab  is hands down my go-to perfume company. I never knew the love and longevity of perfume oils until I picked up an Imp set from this company. BPAL is amazing. I will say that they take awhile in shipping, but that’s because they hand make every batch and they are a small company. A perk with the company is that every 20$ you spend, you get an Imp oil, which is 1/3oz of perfume oil of a randomly selected fragrance. I liked that the fragrances aren’t geared towards men or women, if you like the scent on you, wear it!

Why review this on a blog about nerdy things?  Well, I like this company. ALSO, they have some really cool collections, if you loved the movie Only Lovers Left Alive, they have a collection dedicated to that movie! They also have a RPG collection, a set based on Neil Gaiman writings/ comics, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Clive Barker, Fraggle Rock, quite a few comic book series, and a collection called A Picnic in Arkham, which if you know me, I love all things Cthulu and H. P. Lovecraft. Tempted to pick those up for you all as well…

This last order I bought was from their Lupercalia collection and the Imps from the 221B collection. The Lupercalia collection is available until April 6th listed. The two bonus Imp’s I received as a bonus are Envy and Baku.

Quick note on oils; like many layered/noted perfumes, to get a true honest scent you have to let it sit on your skin for a minute, sometimes longer to fully get the range of notes.

Onto Lupercalia scent. Heads up on this whole collection, there is a lot of nudity, if you’re an under 18 my nerdlings, please be aware of that. I chose Mars Ultor and it was actually purchased for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day; which he received a little late, as shipping is 14-21 days. My bad. Here is the companies scent profile description: Mars the Avenger, Black amber and smoky vanilla with citrus, benzoin, caramelized tobacco, and blackened nutmeg.

How could you not want a loved one to smell like that?  It really smells exactly as described.

I have zero negatives about this scent and can’t wait to put it on the man. 2015   Lupercalia  has an end date of April 6th.

Source: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

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